Zaid Hamid’s Funny Pics Collection

Dear Children,

Yakeen Zaaniye…ye baat hum aapko bata dena chahte hain…yahudion se bacha ke hum aapke samne apni kuchh roohani tasveern pesh kar rahe hain. Its time to do tauba and use these pics on your computer (which is your weapon) as wallpapers to defeat the Hindu, Jew, Christian, Budhhist and SIkh Zioinsts. Remember it is the 4th generation war which has been imposed on us. These pics can save you from the kufr. Kiss our ass ..oops sorry hands and declare us as your Calipha.

Your Calipha,

Zaidu Zahil Hamid Panipat waaley

Zaidu ready to kill Hindus:

Zaidu begging for Zionist currency using Zionist credit card system:

Ghazwa-e-Hind Bus Tour via Panipat, New Delhi to Tel Aviv:

Calipha Zaid Hamid:

Zaidu in Hollywood with Maria B and Takla Azmat:

Zaidu chala Hitler banane:

Zaid Hamid shooting Zionist Hindus:

Zaiddu shooting at moon because it conspired against Pudina-e-Nani:

The Sipahsalar in Ghazawa-e-Hind: Ali Khizmat

Alahmdulillah! The fuckeer has starred in super-duper action movie produced by ISPR and directed by Chacha Hamid Gul: The Laal Topi Rises.



  1. sac pac · · Reply

    zaid tu sahi main chutiya lagta hai
    tere jaisa chutiya dekha nahi main

  2. voicesfromtheworld · · Reply

    This guy is a retard should see where he has uploaded some pictures of him dressed up like a medieval arab warrior and other stuff on his new “picture blog site”

    1. And his fans adulate him like he is hero or something. That is disturbing. Imagine a world with more of the likes of Zaid Hamid.

      1. voicesfromtheworld · ·

        Yes thats the worrying part that ass holes like this guy teach the youth crap… by the way if one lives in a country like Pakistan where there is high unemployment , where ones own govt and also establishment keeps the people in the dark then what does one expect. Half wit so called scholars like this guy, Saddam Gul and some other people quote distorted history and speak crap.

        This quote of Voltaire comes to mind
        “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”

  3. Well, I’m not a supported of Zaid instead I’m his opponent, but I think what you guys are doing the wrong stuff, he has many other things which can be legally and by reasons he can easily be denied, be ethical. Oppose him, his talks, but by mocking the people will not take the message seriously. ‘


    1. There are many people who have logically reasoned and proved him wrong. ALE blog is one such example. Point is, he is shameless, spreads false information, spreads hatred towards minorities ( imagine how a Pakistani Hindu will feel after reading/listening him). Recently, he has turned into a narcissist .. Its all about him now. He is fuqeer, darvesh, devout Muslim.. what next? he is calipha himself?

      At first, I hated him.. like anything.. now I enjoy him.. I make fun of him and his posts…. and I don’t think it is harmful in anyways.. what is harmful is Zaid Hamid,,for the progress and intellect of Pakistan. He is only defaming Pakistan by making such absurd conspiracy theories…

      1. swpanil · ·

        I agree with you, I came accross his vedio accidently, I hated him for his stupid ideas, logic etc, but now days he is a great source of entertianment for me, a stress buster, just watch any of his video and have a good laugh. Though I wonder , is intelect of pakistan’s young generation is so low? What will happen to that country after few yewars if zaid has larfe followers and they belive his craps. may allha saver pakistan from people like zaid

  4. Zaid Hamid chootiya aadmi , lal topi wala baloongda

    seems ISI which pays him money also thinks on the same page

  5. not chutiya · · Reply

    Admin please have another poll on the blog:

    Who is the greater chutiya:

    1. Zaid Hamid
    2. Zaid Hamid’s followers

    1. nice idea… will create one for sure…

  6. Junaid · · Reply

    Zaid may be in a dillusion that Indians or Americans are scared of him, but the truth is that he is just a cartoon for them.
    I have few Indian friends in UK, And even they make fun of him and call him a source of entertainment. Ironically some even think that he represents the pakistani thinking 😦 .
    I think if the Americans or the jews understand our language then they will also think the same.

  7. pudina-e-nani… this one literally made me rofl.

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