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Hi there,

If you share same feeling towards this clown Zaid Hamid and think that he needs to be counter attacked then you are welcome on this blog. We need new volunteers who can write some funny articles on Zaid Hamid’s antiques.

  • You need to have a good sense of humor. We prefer humorous way to tackle this comedian Zaid.
  • You can write an article a week. There will be enough contents from his official page to make fun of him.
  • You should make fun of Zaid Hamid and his idiotic ideology, not of any religion or nation.
  • No, you will not be paid because we ourselves do not earn even a single penny from this blog.
  • If you want your Facebook Page and blog can be promoted here.
  • If you want to post the same article on your blog, you are allowed to do so.
  • If you prefer to be anonymous, your choice.

Please comment in this section if you want to write for this blog. We will contact you and make an account on this blog.


  1. I wish to write for this blog. I really have been wanting to write about the great Zaid Hamid 😛

    1. You have been invited as a guest author. Remember the guidelines. And please do not make fun of any religion.

      Thanks for showing your interest.

  2. abe suvar ki aulad zaid hamid…tujhe kutte ki maut marengey….

    good work admin…

  3. voicesfromtheworld · · Reply

    We also know a lot of things and we want to also write some articles on this Fuckeer comic of all times :

    1. Hi,

      If you want to write funny articles on Zaidu, you are most welcome. If you want I can create an account for you. All you need to say is “Yes”.

      1. voicesfromtheworld · ·


      2. You have been invited 🙂

  4. laal topee · · Reply

    i would like to write about zaid hamid sir 😀
    please let me know how can i do it.

    1. are ur vitriolic attacks on india an attempt to draw away attention from the daily rape of paks soverignity by american drones/

  5. we tried to save draft of our work before we could edit it but it is not letting us do it. we still need to add some links and images to finish our post

    1. The zioinsts were involved. This fu*keer has taken care of the issue for Ummah.

  6. Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. I am Brig (retd) G. Hairat and I thenk you for this excellent effort of dawa. Hazrat Ghazi Syed Zaid Hamid is important leader to defend Pakistan from Hindu-Zionist Raymond Davises. Do not take tension though because Zaid Hamid is on guard. http://ghairatbrigade.com/national-security-status

    1. Mujahid.. come join us… you are needed here

      1. I am coming ..Inshah Allah I have come


  7. Can I write on Najam Sethi?

    1. This blog is dedicated to Zaid Hamid only.

      1. mother fucker u Zionist…i will kill u, haram ke olad

  8. Zaid Hamid ki behan ka Khasam · · Reply

    Zaid Hamid is ass hole prick, fuck his sis in the middle of city. Wt he knows about Pakistan History or Islam, ass hole…. Fuck Zaidu again.

    1. Tasawar · · Reply

      Apni language dekhain zra.isi sy ap ki halat pta chal rahe hy.chalay hain zaid hamid ka mazaq urranay.aap logo k dil andhay ho chukay hain.ap insan hain.phle insan k muqam ko pehchanain.jb apna ap pehchan lia to itni ghattia language use nae kren gay.

  9. Zaid ka khel khatm · · Reply

    Hi, I want to write an article for your blog. Where to send my article?

    1. invitation send mujahid

    1. As our calipha is gone for vacation and have given me editor rights,so I am not able to send you invitation as a writer.But I am posting your article from my side..

  10. I wrote two articles on Chalipha-e-waqt Sir Zaid Hamid. Where are they now ?

  11. Tasawar · · Reply

    Aap ki ikhlaqi halat he bta rahe hy k ap ktne sachay hain.shame on u.aap ki harkatain to us yahoodi jaisi hain jo hazrat Ali k qabzay men tha aur us ny ghussa dilanay k liay mola ALI k chehray par…..

  12. yes. Send me an invitation

  13. Zaid Pankha · · Reply

    Hey send me an invitation ! I want to write for the UMMAAA about Zaid Saahab, a true mard-e-momin! Jo garam dun-e-guftagu ho aur narm dame justajoo ho…..

    1. sent.. check your mail cyber mujahid.

  14. i want to wright for this blog .I am saturated from this idiot called zaid hamid ,I have already written some articles on his bullshit ideologies.

    1. Invitation sent.

  15. Aman ki Asha – A betrayal with this fuckeer’s chutiyamatic ideology

    You have to make your choice – either you are on the side this laal topi fuckeer or you are against his laal inqualabi underwear ant and his laal communist topi. Do not betray this fuckeer(let the job of betraying for this stupid laal topi fuckeer).this laal topi chutiya fuckeer is ordered to wage a war against Hindu Zionists(who are more intellegient than the lethal fools of pudina-a-nani(medina-a-sani) not do trade with them or Aman Ki Asha! In your rat holes, do not watch Indian movies and programs(instead watch this fuckeers chutiyamtic ideology and lethal chutiyamatic moves(this fuckeer is also a dancer(used to dance in pubs and clubs of Arab to collect zionist Dollers for Afgan gayhad)).

    Prepare for the greatest of khairat which is destined for us by the Us goverment. They will start it, in fact, they have already started it. Now prepare to finish it as we are blessed with these inqulabi underwears and icon of stupidity my communist red cap.May Allah curse Pakistan!

    by Zaid hamid(gayhad walle).

  16. I’d also like to be added if possible 🙂

    1. invitation has been sent.

  17. Hi there..Was thinking of opening a Fan Club for this Panipat wale Baba but web-site companies started laughing at me..Was thinking of putting up his posters on Lal Quila but the kaafir Delhiites beat me black and blue..Therefore,I want to write about this Pak-mard(no pun intended) and like an apostle,spread his word.. But on a serious note, I cannot write 2-3 times in a week..Will you agree to take part-time apostles? PS-I am a Kaafir myself(on a technicality)..But my heart beats for Ghazwa=e=Hind..

    1. Mujahid amit,

      We welcome you in this cyber war. Do come up with a post whenever it is possible, There is no obligation to write regularly.

  18. agdam bagdam murgh masallam, we would also like to contribute on an ideological front against the conspiracies of Raw and Mossad and by god we will not stop till our comic flag flies high atop Red fort and every single indian dies laughing. Insha-allah piss be upon sir Zaidu


    I am putting on the record that a sum of US$ 400,000 will be paid in cash to the person delivering ZAID HAMID, alive, to the security forces of the Repubblic of India.

    We will then see how the monkey jumps… we will have fun with him for years.


    1. Itte paise ke liye to fuckeer khud aa jayega.

  20. In the Name of God

    Please explain the following link for me and follow it up with counter claim evidence if you may :


    apart from this, I will say many of you who comment here have no Islamic ethics- check your languages if you say you’re Muslim for if your language is not in order and does not represent the Qur’an or the Sunnah must less to speak about your real way of life and actions

    Another thing is those who have big ambitious thinking they will create satan Apocalypse with this Ghazawatul Hind. Rethink, its not going to happen the way you all see it. The wives of Isa (as) and Hz. Mahdi (as) is going to be from Hindustan- where the children of Prophet Jetro is . Hz. Mahdi is a man of Peace, Isa (as) is the helper of his Imam ( H. Mahdi) so don’t dream to big of defeating India like that, the mother land will not be defeated like that. Kashmir belongs not you Pakistan neither to India. Kashmir will have its own democratic government under the Mahdi. He will under Isa (as) send the peace keeping force of the Turkish Islamic Union there to secure peace. The only people coming out from HIndustan and Sindh are those who are the big heated heads leaders who don’t want to see peace or leave Kashmir alone. The hadith says they are going to be taken in chains before the king of Jerusalem ( al Mahdi (as))… take notice of this for this is what it will be.. It is not going to be the Ghazawatul Hind of Zaid Hamid or anyone else except the Mahdi and that is the true way, to stop satans/addajjal chaos of oppression and tyranny as mentioned in the hadiths

  21. hindoo destatgard · · Reply

    Alahmudillah ye behgerat hindo aur juice hamare madina-e-saine sabke nani bakistani mard-e-momin zaidu miya ke bare me kesa 9gen propoganda war kr rahe, hum apne kaum ko in jalim raw-mossad-cia sajis se bachane k liye yaha cyber gayhad me part lena chate h, inshallah.

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