The Ladies Man: Zaid Hamid

This page is answer to all who says we only care about boys in our mission Takmeel-e-Pakistan. Hum unhe ye bata dena chate hain ki jab hum ghazwe me Greater Pakistan banayengey to ye roohani bachhiyan hamare haram me rakhi jaynegi. In sabhi ko laal topi pehnayee jayegi. Hamare khasam-khas followers hume suggest kare ki hum badi beghum kise banaye.

Ye Laal Topi me kitti hassen lagti hain:

Aur ye hamare kandho se kandha (public ke samne aur pardo ke peechhe hum aap ko nahi batayengey) milane wali Mehar Bukhari. Inhe humne apni chhoti begum banane ka socha hai:

Abhi aur bhi hain. Inse humne inke 5 bachcho ke sath shaadi ki hai. AB to hume bachcho ke liye mehnat karne ki bhi zaroorat nahi:


Inhe hum romantic journey pe le gaye the:

Maal to khair ye bhi sahi hai:

Those who says we are old now look at this mujahideen how girls (aunties) are still flirting with this darwesh..!

Another one for the proof:

After all, we are pathan…kabhi kabhi taste change karna padta hai..

Not only fuckeer has hair like “ladies”, he also wears ladies sleeveless jacket. Miss Aless is fuckeer’s favorite brand.


Mere bachcho ghabaro nahi..zaise zaise ye takmeel aage badhegey ye list bhi badhegi. Are kaddu katega to sabme bantega. Hum zald hi Meera aur Veena ko bhi apna shaagird banayengey. Veena humara secret weapon hai zise humne Ghazwa ke test ke liye bheja hai.

Agar aapke pas bhi kuchh roohani bandiyaan hai jo is Madina-e-Sani ki khidmat karna chahhti hain to hume bataye.


  1. sir app yahan??? nice im so happy to see you.

    1. Sir Zaid Zaman Hamid Aksar aisi jagaho pe paye jate hain…

  2. Rizwan Shaikh · · Reply

    love u sir Zaid, with my soul and life, 🙂

    1. Zaid hamid · · Reply

      you love idiot Zaid hamid are you gay?

  3. FromCham · · Reply


    1. Alahmdullah… u r a true muzahid.. we will gift u Mehar Bukhari…she rocks in bed…coz she screams a lot…

  4. amazing personality

    1. voicesfromtheworld · · Reply

      yep an amazing distorted mind

  5. Salman · · Reply

    this is a fake blog.. be warned!

    1. lol… no its not fake… since u have called it fake.. you are a zionist RAW agent…calling this fu*keer fake… you CIA snake…

    2. you are an Mossad agent spreading disinformation in this 4.2.5 G war.

  6. not chutiya · · Reply

    Dude please add his picks with his Brasstacks hosts – one was that b!tch in heat wats her name ..ummm yeah Mahurkh Qurieshi … that hot babe

    1. I’ll surely add it if I come across it

  7. Geoo Sirji! …. Har libaaz main momin khaatuno mine chamakta hai ..? Sirji I see you eating sweets way it on the occasion of Karrabhat Oh Sorry sorry Karardat-e-takhameel-e-pakistan ?

  8. Nayan Manik Tripura · · Reply

    Please understand the difference between National Pride and Patriotism. National Pride is being proud for all good things about a particular country and whereas Patriotism is being arrogant about one nations even if he/she knows that somethings are actually wrong morally and unethical under scared books of any religion or be it on humanity as a whole. People in every part of the world are backed by emotions and this is where we get into illusion and become a patriotic person. Person Hamid Zaid take the advantage of weak emotions of human race and propagate things using religion or Pakistan race , which are actually for any human race. One should try to ignore such person who propagate nonsense and harmful for human race. I am Indian and Hindu but I believe in living in truth and peace. I will not support person like Hamid Zaid even if there would have similar person like him who propagate only hatred. Check the history; non benefited from invasion in the past, none benefited from world war 1 and world war 2,none benefited from cold war. None will benefit in the future too except lost of precious resources which could have been used for developing human race. Thanks if any one happen to read my message, if anyone share a similar views from your side we can be in touched in future too to remove popularity of such kind of person in any part of the world. Let Peace Prevail in the world!!!!!

  9. ye laal topi wali laundiya badi hi haseen hai, bhai…ye to sabme batni hi chahiye..

  10. I am a hugeeee fan of ur comedy pleeeaseee come and work in bolly wood, all comedians will b out of business, sirf aap ka naam bolega you will rule bollywood

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