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Can A Gang Rape Change Pakistan’s Hate Culture?

Sexual violence makes Pakistan a global frontline in the battle to save women and girls. But the problem extends to hatreds spawned by history and religion. The sad gang rape of a six year old Hindu girl, class one student, in broad daylight in the Sindh capital might end up having an impact beyond the country’s borders. […]

Coke Studio is promoting cocaine culture in Medina-e-Sani: Sir Zaid Hamid

Dear children and your dearest mothers, All big Islamic greetings to you. Hum aap ko waqeyaat sunatay hein, humari “Call to Islam” video hindu baniye ki ek taleemi idaray I.I.T me dikahi gai, lekin azaan shuru hone k 20 second baad hi ek makkar hindu baniya uth k bola “sab ek ek plate le aao” […]

Zaid Hamid’s Funny Pics Collection-2

Dear Children and your dearest mothers and sisters, Islamic Greetings for two minutes. After the successful first part of Zaid Hamid funny pics collection, here comes the second part. These pics will take you to another romantci journey (specially to middle aged aunties and bachis, along with some studs). Be a part of this roohani ehsas, great khair for you. Join […]


Ban on YouTube is a Zionist conspiracy: Zaid Hamid

Agency Sources, Rawalpindi. In a shocking development, days after a ban was enforced on Youtube, Pakistan’s leading security and defence think tank Brasstacks has filed for bankruptcy. CEO Zaid Hamid is missing since this incident, but one of their employees (name withheld on request) says that “I saw this coming.. You see, for our ground breaking research andtranscendental […]

Zaid Hamid and Roohani Ehsas

Zaid Hamid and his wife Suckeena Biwi was golfing one day on a Very Exclusive golf course lined with million dollar houses of retired and current Pakistan Army Generals.. On the third tee, Zaid Hamid said, “Islamic Honey, be very careful when you drive the ball, do not knock out any windows of  these shaheens […]

Currency in United States of Islam Funny

A Glimpse In To The Future Of United States Of Islam

Dear Children, This fuckeer has told you several times in past about the roohani ehsaas of madina-e-sani Pakistan. Pakistan Allah ke khufiya raazon me ek raaz hai (Pakistan is one of the secretes among Allah’s secrets). We have also told you a number of times that Allah has chosen Pakistan to lead the Muslim Ummat and […]

Why Hindu girls are converting and marrying Muslims in Pakistan

Dear Children and the female members of your family, Liberal fascists and secular SAFMA brigade has been trying to malign this madina-e-sani Pakistan by spreading propaganda that Hindus (baniyas) are being persecuted, abducted and their girls (especially teens) are kidnapped, forced converted and married off to older, middle aged Muslim men. Let us make one thing […]

Zaid Hamid wins Gold Medal for Pakistan in shooting at Olympics

Dear children and their mothers, This fuckeer has won the first gold medal for madina-e-sani Pakistan in shooting at zionist Olympics games. The greatest philosopher, thinker, writer and mujahid, our Baba Ekball had predicted this even in his poem “Kana Fuckeer .. Chalaye Teer”. By Allah, this fuckeer imagined hindu baniya and their julm on […]

Autobiography of Zaid Hamid: Part3 of From Indus to Oxus [PDF Download],

Dear Children and their mothers and our Zionist SAFMA Enemies, Today We’ve the honour to narrate third part of our great journey from Indus to Oxus! As we mentioned earlier, we were very much happy being chaiwala’s to help Afghan Gayhad. My great prophet Sheikh Yusuf Kazab Ah Jahanami Al Murshad urf Bachiyo wala qazi […]

History of Pakistan and Ghazwa-e-Hind

Ever since the 1980s, many Pakistani school text books have unflappably claimed that the history of Pakistan does not start from 14 August 1947, but from the date Arab warrior, Muhammad Bin Qasim, conquered Sindh in the 8th Century … Though most true Pakistani patriots believe this, they differ on some of the details as […]