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Chutiymetic Analyis On National Security Threats- Zaid Hamid

Dear Children First it was the Indians that were coming; then the Soviets; then the Indians again; then the Americans; and now it’s the Indians, Americans, Afghans and maybe even some ex-Soviets who are all conspiring to invade us! They’ll invade us, make us renounce Islam, dismantle our bomb and make us their slaves! They might even […]

Zaid Hamid Celebrates GHAZWA-E-HIND.

Dear Children Watch this short video and see how we are preparing for Ghazwa . — We know we are the best as we got the biggest ASSet which is always ready to protect Pakistan’s integrity, ideology and identity from Zionist Americans and Paleet Indians. We know after seeing our video Donkeys,Camels, and the Eunuchs will […]

Hatf 1A perfect answer to Agni 5-Detail analysis by Zaid Hamid

All Islamic greetings to you. Our scientists have made us proud. Masha Allah!!. We have successfully test fired our Hatf 1A missile in reply to Hindu Baniya’s Agni 5. Our begairat media has hidden the real range. But Alhamadollilah as always we know everything. The missile is a tit for tat reply to the ugly […]

Capture Toilets before Capturing India for Ghazwa Ae Hind-Zaid Hamid

Most of the Pakistanis as usual got Zionist maps and do not even know how to see world map and don’t know the strategic significance of Toilets and why this fuckeer advanced sitting on white donkey towards Afghanistan in 1990 and captured all soviet toilets. See on the map,the circular region between Pakistan, Afghanistan and […]

Zaid Hamid Powerful Azaan on-CIRCUMCISED DONKEYS..

After reading our encounter with soviet donkey in our sex book Indus to Oxus and having intense wet dream our cyber soldiers are now waking up from its slumber to clear the way of gazwa ae hind. We had said in our memoir to remove each and every paleet non circumcised donkey found on national […]

Latest Powerful Azaan on NATO supply route.

This voice of Fuckeer will give shivers down your ass you will die laughing on us!!! Listen to the Jalal and Jamal of Mard Ae Momin. We have farted aloud and declared everyone who are against us, as a ghaddar of Madina e Sani ,Spread this smelly fart ,we meant video to every corner of […]

Our powerful azan from London

Listen to our powerful azan from London. Our red cap looks very beautiful in this video. Yakeen zaniye …hum ghus jayengey dilli me..   Yours Sincerely, Zaid Zaman Hamid Self Claimed Defense Analyst

Our Interview with Geo News

Dear Children, Watch our latest azaan on Geo News. I went there uninvited and get ourself interviewed. We have discussed everything from Raymond Devis, about Pakistan’s future, America policy. Listen to our powerful azaan. Yours Sincerely, Zaid Zaman Hamid Self Claimed Defense Analyst

A Pakistani on Moon: Guarantee by Zaid Hamid

Woh waqt door nahi jab humare bacche sabse laal parcham chand ki dharti pe gaad kar ayenge…5 years i guarantee you in 5 yrs.. (we said that like 3 yrs ago infront of a bimbo host,who was doing nothing but repeating what we said,but she was cutie) .. Inshallah chaand banega pakistan.. 🙂 Alhamdolliah..chand par […]

When we met the Kaafir Suuny Deol during Ghazawa-e-Hind Practice

Mere Pyaare Bacchho, Is pak Madina-e-Sani ki hifazat ke liye hum apne safed ghode pe baith ke akele hi nikal gaye the Ghazawe ke liye..hum to Panipat ke raste Dilli pahuch bhi gaye hote agar wo Kaafir Sunny Deol na mila hota. Video banane ka hume hamesha se shauk raha hai…is video ko dekho mere […]