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Role of Hamid Gul in making of Zaid Hamid-Best Comedian.

Many of our critics often questioned us that what Zaid hamid was doing with (Retard) General Hamid GUL before 2007 when he “suddenly” appeared on media with bunch of jokes! Our Sex Book From Indus to Oxus is a solid slap on their face which gives the graphic and photographic detailed account of our sexual […]

Zaid Hamid Powerful Azaan on-CIRCUMCISED DONKEYS..

After reading our encounter with soviet donkey in our sex book Indus to Oxus and having intense wet dream our cyber soldiers are now waking up from its slumber to clear the way of gazwa ae hind. We had said in our memoir to remove each and every paleet non circumcised donkey found on national […]

Latest Powerful Azaan on NATO supply route.

This voice of Fuckeer will give shivers down your ass you will die laughing on us!!! Listen to the Jalal and Jamal of Mard Ae Momin. We have farted aloud and declared everyone who are against us, as a ghaddar of Madina e Sani ,Spread this smelly fart ,we meant video to every corner of […]

Zaid Hamid and Hamid Gul vs Bharat Verma

Bharat Varma, Hamid Gul and Zaid Hamid got caught smoking pot by the police in Saudi Arabia. So they all got ten lashes each. Gen (Retorded) Hamid Gul got called first, the Police officer says to him since it is eid today you can have one wish before the lashes. Gul asks for a pillow to be […]

Zaid Hamid caught in Peshawar by Police on serious charges

Bawala News Agency (Peshawar) Infamous (Self  Claimed) defense analyst Zaid Hamid was caught by Police last night while trying to cross border. Here is what our correspondent reported. Last night a white Ford (made by kaafir and zionist Americans) was stopped for a regular checking. In the driver Zaid Hamid was sitting with his pot […]

Transcript of Secret Conversation Between Zaid Hamid and Hamid Gul

A secret conversation, caught on the Zionist network, between fuckeer Zaid Hamid and General (Retarted) Hamid Gul: Zaid Hamid: General Sahib, the economy is in terrible shape and nothing is working. Our regular azaan to burger-shaheens are also not working. Our weekly last and final warnings are being made fun of. What can we do […]