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Currency in United States of Islam Funny

A Glimpse In To The Future Of United States Of Islam

Dear Children, This fuckeer has told you several times in past about the roohani ehsaas of madina-e-sani Pakistan. Pakistan Allah ke khufiya raazon me ek raaz hai (Pakistan is one of the secretes among Allah’s secrets). We have also told you a number of times that Allah has chosen Pakistan to lead the Muslim Ummat and […]

Why Hindu girls are converting and marrying Muslims in Pakistan

Dear Children and the female members of your family, Liberal fascists and secular SAFMA brigade has been trying to malign this madina-e-sani Pakistan by spreading propaganda that Hindus (baniyas) are being persecuted, abducted and their girls (especially teens) are kidnapped, forced converted and married off to older, middle aged Muslim men. Let us make one thing […]

Zaid Hamid’s latest and most powerful azaan. Last and final warning to everyone.

Dear Children and their maa-behan, Dekhiye.. hamara kaam azaan dena hai….. ek baat hum waaze kar de….yakeen jaaniye, mulk halaat-e-jung me hai…. maghrib se crusader America aur mashriq se hindu baniya  India attack karne ke liye taiyaar baitha hai…. Chief justice suo moto nahi le rahi… SAFMA snakes… sajay-e-maut… Cold start ..Af-pak doctrine…Somalia, Iraq, Yugoslavia […]

Last Warning No. 420 to SAFMA [updated]

Dear Children and their mothers and sisters , Allah never gives Izzat and dignity to people who willingly accepts lies deceptions, treacherous and betrayals of the Ummah and then still remain silent. If we stay silent now, and not inform you that we have continuing  loose motions  then Allah will abandon us to our fate of humiliation […]

Role of Hamid Gul in making of Zaid Hamid-Best Comedian.

Many of our critics often questioned us that what Zaid hamid was doing with (Retard) General Hamid GUL before 2007 when he “suddenly” appeared on media with bunch of jokes! Our Sex Book From Indus to Oxus is a solid slap on their face which gives the graphic and photographic detailed account of our sexual […]

Zaid Hamid’s cat Pooka converted to be a Jew

Dear children and their mothers, We are reporting this with regret that we have incurred first loss in this fierce 4G War. In this war of disinformation and propaganda, this fu*keer is lagging behind. Last week, our beloved purely Islamic cat Pooka of Persian origin has converted by the zionists. He was burgled by the […]

Chutiymetic Analyis On National Security Threats- Zaid Hamid

Dear Children First it was the Indians that were coming; then the Soviets; then the Indians again; then the Americans; and now it’s the Indians, Americans, Afghans and maybe even some ex-Soviets who are all conspiring to invade us! They’ll invade us, make us renounce Islam, dismantle our bomb and make us their slaves! They might even […]

Zaid Hamid Celebrates GHAZWA-E-HIND.

Dear Children Watch this short video and see how we are preparing for Ghazwa . — We know we are the best as we got the biggest ASSet which is always ready to protect Pakistan’s integrity, ideology and identity from Zionist Americans and Paleet Indians. We know after seeing our video Donkeys,Camels, and the Eunuchs will […]

Darwesh brand underwear har Mujahid ki pasand-Zaid Hamid

Dear Children, Our Bengali Baba always wore red underwear to stop loose motions. He too prophesized that the future generation of this millat too will make and wear red underwear’s and will never go to doctors for treatment as its haram under present situation, MashAllah. Today,we see the young generation of tailors reviving the Sensual, […]

Hatf 1A perfect answer to Agni 5-Detail analysis by Zaid Hamid

All Islamic greetings to you. Our scientists have made us proud. Masha Allah!!. We have successfully test fired our Hatf 1A missile in reply to Hindu Baniya’s Agni 5. Our begairat media has hidden the real range. But Alhamadollilah as always we know everything. The missile is a tit for tat reply to the ugly […]