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Zaid Hamid wins Gold Medal for Pakistan in shooting at Olympics

Dear children and their mothers, This fuckeer has won the first gold medal for madina-e-sani Pakistan in shooting at zionist Olympics games. The greatest philosopher, thinker, writer and mujahid, our Baba Ekball had predicted this even in his poem “Kana Fuckeer .. Chalaye Teer”. By Allah, this fuckeer imagined hindu baniya and their julm on […]

History of Pakistan and Ghazwa-e-Hind

Ever since the 1980s, many Pakistani school text books have unflappably claimed that the history of Pakistan does not start from 14 August 1947, but from the date Arab warrior, Muhammad Bin Qasim, conquered Sindh in the 8th Century … Though most true Pakistani patriots believe this, they differ on some of the details as […]

Zaid Hamid’s latest and most powerful azaan. Last and final warning to everyone.

Dear Children and their maa-behan, Dekhiye.. hamara kaam azaan dena hai….. ek baat hum waaze kar de….yakeen jaaniye, mulk halaat-e-jung me hai…. maghrib se crusader America aur mashriq se hindu baniya  India attack karne ke liye taiyaar baitha hai…. Chief justice suo moto nahi le rahi… SAFMA snakes… sajay-e-maut… Cold start ..Af-pak doctrine…Somalia, Iraq, Yugoslavia […]

Zaid Hamid to launch his own Ghazwa TV

Dearest Children and their mothers along with other female members, All the big Islamic greetings, in 10-11 lines, to you. Children as you have seen that the zionist beghairat media has banned this fuckeer from live talk shows, news programs etc despite of the fact that this mard-e-dard was ready to discuss on any topic […]

Why Zaid Hamid is divorced with his wife

This is the true story presented by Bra-Strap team about Calipha Zaid Hamid and his wife. In this most romantic and roohani story we will tell you why Zaid Hamid got divorced with his wife Suckeena. Hold your breath and your pants, stay firm. Story is when Sir Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid (Red Cap be […]

Zaid Hamid’s cat Pooka converted to be a Jew

Dear children and their mothers, We are reporting this with regret that we have incurred first loss in this fierce 4G War. In this war of disinformation and propaganda, this fu*keer is lagging behind. Last week, our beloved purely Islamic cat Pooka of Persian origin has converted by the zionists. He was burgled by the […]

Zaid Hamid Vs Bharat Verma-1

Zaid Hamid phoned Bharat Verma and said: “Mr. Verma, I called you because I had this incredible dream last night. I could see all of New Delhi, and it was beautiful, and on top of every building, there was a beautiful banner.” Verma asked angrily: “And what was on the banner?” Zaid Hamid responded: “It […]

Agni V, Electricity, Pakistan and India: Analysis by Zaid Hamid

Dearest children (and their mothers), All the big Islamic greetings etc. Ek baat hum waaze kar dena chate hain… mulk halaat-e-jung me hai (Let us clarify one thing..Nation is in state of war). America, Israel together with NATO forces are on our west side with Af-Pak doctrine. These crusaders are not letting us help our mujahid Taliban […]

Anatomy of Zaid Hamid: The Idiot, The Stupid and The Hate Monger

The Zaid Hamid followers never accept that he is an idiot and a hate monger, a blasphemous jerk who speaks what the depressed Pakistani youths want to listen, the glorious history, the holier than thou attitude and the fault doesn’t lie with us but the USA, India and Israel are the ones responsible for each and every bad […]

Love Stories of Zaid Hamid: Part 2 of From Indus to Oxus [PDF Download]

Dear children (and their mothers) All the Islamic greetings etcectra. We have taken you to romantic journeys several times before. But those were short journeys, this time we will take you for a full ride. We will tell the love story of this fu*keer. You will forget watching the hindu baniya made kufr bollywood movies […]