Mr. Zaid Hamid is a “self claimed” security consultant and a chutiyametic strategic defense analyst. He is the founder of BraStraps, a unique Pakistani Think Tank devoted to the making theories of regional and global political events and their implications for Pakistan’s security and interests. As a self assumed expert on any subject, he is frequently invited to speak on national television networks to entertain the world with his imaginary reasonings. These program’s has pioneered a new trend in currents affairs programming in Pakistan, where he cunningly knits together the conspiracy theories of global events, and transform those conspiracy theories for the threats that we face and where our true national interests lie. Owing to the tremendous appreciation received by these comic program series, a number of people have expressed in putting Mr. Zaid in mental asylum. But it is our motto to spread the propaganda and lie so that we can keep on hating Hindus, Christian, Sikhs and all other Kaafirs (Chinese are exempted at the moment).

Zaid Hamid’s USP: He can speak gibberish non-stop at great speed and that too quite convincingly. He specializes in jingoism. He masquerades as a defense analyst to entertain the masses and serve the interests of the ruling elites of both Pakistan and India.

His abilities also include twisting history, distorting Allama Iqbal’s message, concocting theories that portray Jews as superhumans, fomenting racial hatred, demonizing India, promoting jingoism, defending the interests of military and intelligence agencies, and so on.


  1. A patriotic & realistic Pakistani · · Reply

    Zaid Hamid is a top class IDIOT & nothing else – He speaks crap without any proof & without any logic – He is the epitome of the word FOOL – recently i read his post about capturing red fort – Dear Zaid – try to defend our country from internal enemies before you go out to capture others – Fools like Zaid are the real problem for muslims – he thinks he looks good talking bullshit but now the educated people of Pakistan know he is a guy who just talks without thinking – I pity him

  2. A patriotic & realistic Pakistani · · Reply

    If Zaid has some sense he should eat some Indian Shit & vomit it in on Pakistanis – It will help them.

  3. hello hello mic testing hello hello dis is raido pakistan reporting live frm new delhi….!!!! lol

    1. Nazneen ….Hum aap ka khair makdam karte hain…..

  4. how awful you people are.. Shame on yourself. If you disagree, come on some show with him and prove he is wrong. Why are you cowardly sitting here ? hiding and spreading nonsense.

    1. well.. zaid hamid does the same… hiding and spreading nonsense… what was that… to call all hindus of india to convert to islam otherwise his sword will decide… wow…what an invitation…

  5. There is nothing wrong in what Zaid Hamid says, he is a true Muslim and liked by all.

    1. you should change the definition of ALL…..

      i know that these are hard times for Pakistan as a nation ..but it doesn’t mean that hate mongers like Zaid Hamid will reap benefit of the situation and spread lies not only about other religions and countries but against Pakistan itself to glorify Pakistan history…..

  6. Usman Ahmad · · Reply

    Jani I like your blog but avoid Indian pronunciation of words like its not ijjat but izzat and not sabj lali parcham but sabz hilali parcham…rest is fine!

    1. Usually we do not listen to anyone…but still your advice has been taken into account Muzahid.

      Great khair is coming and I am going…

      Take care..

  7. see, indian pronunciation.. that proves you are either an indian, or greatly influenced by them .. caught you there

    1. Zaid Hamid ko pakdna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai… kyunki…Zaidu to ek chhalawa hai…Muslim umma ka future calipha hai..united states of islam ka president hai wo…

  8. all you bhenchodes have so much time creating a page criticizing someone when you lazy asses can’t do anything for yourselves or your country, get a life pathetic pieces of shits.

    1. Yakeen kijee hum Zaid sb ke bare main yehi ray rakhtehaih! Inshallah! Allah(SWT) aap ko hidayat framaye ta ke aapbhi Mard-e-momin Zaid sb ke bare main yehi ray rakhe. This is the time for collective Toba.

  9. […] resist sharing this: About ?Zaid Hamid Official Blog Zaid Hamid Official Blog Section 4. Why Zaid Hamid is a success in Pakistani Society? | AA@Counter Terrorism, Imperialism, […]

  10. I used to support his views earlier but later I found him to be a mere pathological liar and hate monger who uses fake references in all his speeches.
    He predicted that there will be no elections in 2013 , we will be on moon in 2013 and India & Israel to attack pakistan in march 2011. All of this turned up to be false.
    Now I listen to him only for entertainment purpose.I hope he gets a role in some bollywood comedy movie.

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