India behind Ghaza attack by Israel : Zaid Hamid

Dearest Children
All the Islamic greetings to you and your mothers.

Even as we write this post, our Palestinian brothers are under attack by Zionist state of Israel. You must be thinking that 100s of rockets fired by Palestin mujahids started the recent skirmish but let us tell you one thing loud and clear:

India is the reason behind Ghaza under attack

And we are going to prove this with the confidential information we got from across the world (by means of Google and You Tube).

Link to Mumbai 26/11 attacks:

You should know that according to many (un)authentic hadiths, we  Pakistanis are destined to do Ghazwa e Hind. Our purely Islamic warriors, with help from roohani powers, will defeat India, capture Delhi, unfurl Sabj Hilali percham on Red Fort and broadcast Radio Pakistan Delhi. BUT there is a condition attached to this hadith (similar to the asterisk mark on the Eid offers by many companies) and the condition is that India will start the war and we will finish it without taking any prisoners. (We have earlier announced that we will kill all pandits and leave shudars. Many shudars thanked us for this generous offer of the fuckeer).

Chalak hindu baniya knows this and this is why it is not starting the war or else we will finish it. We have tried several times to provoke Hindustan to start the war, be it Kargil, Kashmir or 26/11 Mumbai etc. But hindu baniya is coward and believes in Chankya ideology. Even after the deadly attacks on its citizen in 26/11 Mumbai, it did not send its troops to start the war by attacking Madina e Sani Pakistan, instead it sent dossiers after dossoers full of stupid questions to put the blame on Pakistan.

We successfully distracted our shaheens and made them believe that 26/11 was a false flag operation and Azmal Kasab was Amar Singh but it was too late. Hindu baniya India started a unpardonable wrong tradition by sending questionnaires instead of forces. Every one knows that India and Israel our buddy in arms and together with America they continously conspire against madina e sani Pakistan.

This closeness between India and Israel is the reason that our Palestine brothers fired rockets in to Israel for many days. They were expecting dossiers like what India had sent to Pakistan but Zionist Jews are not as coward as hindu baniya and they attacked the innocent Palestin muslims who were waiting to read the doasiers and laugh afterwords.

It all happened because of India’s cowardly act of sending questions instead of troops. It made our Palestin brothers believe that they would also get dossiers but instead they got bombed.

Zionist Israel taking inspirations from Kufr Bollywood:

And look at Zionist Jews. They announced on Twitter hours before that they will bomb Ghaza. Clearly Israelis have watched the Kufr movie Gangs Of Wasseypur. Announcement on twitter for the attack is like “keh ke loonga”. In the 4G warfare, Bollywood is the biggest weapon of mass distraction for pious Muslims. And the jews are using it at its fullest.

Even after the announcement our brave Palestine mujahids did not evacuate children and women like coward kaafirs. Because every Muslim is a warrior.

Last and final warning (again):

Now when we have proved that India is behind all this, we warn UN and other countries to take strongest action against India or else …..

P. S. Some unconfirmed sources told us that our Palestin brothers were trying to celebrate kufr festival of Diwali after watching Star Plus. India again..huh!

Your laal topi wala fuckeer
Zaid Hamid
Contact us for any type of conspiracy theory. We have one for everyone.


  1. You know what is sad and funny at the same time? – This spoof might turn out to be an honest statement by the real fakeer. He can actually give these excuses and expect us to take him seriously.

  2. chutiya zaid hamid · · Reply

    fantastic article really very serious conspiracy unlocked lol.

  3. lmao….u’re always this funny or today is some special day??

    1. Fuckeer is alway serious. We are never (intentionaly) funny.

  4. Your true fan · · Reply

    Too good man. Lmao. I am a fan of your comedy man. I know its frustrating for you when people dont get your sarcasm. You should really come to US and start a new brand of standup comedy based on conspiracy theories. No one has done that and you will make millions because Allah chose you and gifted you with a totally screwed up mind to unleash some mind boggling humor that this world is not ready for.

    P.S I am glad you watch Bollywood on behalf of the people who you preach not to watch Bollywood so you can make interesting references and take the burden of all the sins saving the already ruined country from disaster.

  5. Krishna Vatsa · · Reply

    Janab Zaid Hamid Sahab, I’m a Communal Hindu who is also a hunter of Islamic conspiracy theorists mostly for my personal collection at my home in the city of Lal Qila. I have seen almost all your one-to-one programmes with those Sexy Khawateen. Since the advent of multiplexes and mega-malls the Great Indian Circus in on the path of demise. They are looking for Jokers and Clowns to revive their diminishing business. You are at the top of their list of potential employees. Either you join them of your own free will or we will hunt you down in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad along with your Suckena Biwi. Choice is yours. Jai Shri Ram!

  6. Zaid Hamid your dad · · Reply

    hahaha lolz look at this scum !!! fuckeeruddin ZAID HAMID r u insane ????I think you need mental treatment 😛 Dumbass

  7. Roshan Singh · · Reply

    Hahahahahaha aaj subha se mood kharab tha i was looking for some thing like dis… awesome post…

  8. “Even as we write this post, our Palestinian brothers are under attack by Zionist state of Israel. You must be thinking that 100s of rockets fired by Palestin mujahids started the recent skirmish but let us tell you one thing loud and clear:”

    Or it could be the oppressive occupation of Gaza, theft of land, stranglehold of the economy.

    I think conspiracy theories are ridiculous and a means of diverting attention from the real problems.

    However, you are letting your hatred of how a lot of people behave bring you into an even worse attitude. I don’t think anything prevents you from mocking Islam as much as you could except fear of getting killed.

    “Even after the announcement our brave Palestine mujahids did not evacuate children and women like coward kaafirs. Because every Muslim is a warrior.”
    Or because their is no room, most of their land is stolen and Gaza is densely populated. You will one day regret this I think.

  9. Jonathan · · Reply

    I don’t know how its pronounced Mr “fakir” or “fucker” or whatever………….But man ur daddy’s sperm must have been really fucked up… wonder a twisted junk like you won the race……LOL……Man u really sound like one who has been gang raped by 10000000 mullahs….

    P.S.Just came to know that someone’s daddy had got a nice ass whipping from Indian Army many many years ago……..

  10. vishal yadav · · Reply

    coward behan ke laude ……..har baar war ma chudti h pakistan ki aur bhartiya coward h………ek baar lahore m moot chuke h……aur gussa mt dilao varna agli baar…….pata nahin pakistan bachega ya nahin mootne k liye pata nahin…..sala indian airforce ke upar report gilani ne jab rakhi to usme likha tha ki pakistan 3 din se jyaada tik nahin payega aur hum coward………hum gareebon majloomon ko kabhi pehal karke maarte nahin,aur agar aise hote tum nahin hote…….agli baar naam jaroor gayab ho jayega tay h………ab kam se kam gaali waali mat bakiyo yaar kyunki agar aisa hoga to yaar…….hum baate nahin chodte direct chodte fir chod denge….1947,1965,1971aur1999 ki tarah………ha ha ha……..

  11. gandu hamid · · Reply

    Chtiyaa hai gandu…
    delhi lega …lol

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