Zaid Hamid’s Funny Pics Collection-2

Dear Children and your dearest mothers and sisters,

Islamic Greetings for two minutes.

After the successful first part of Zaid Hamid funny pics collection, here comes the second part. These pics will take you to another romantci journey (specially to middle aged aunties and bachis, along with some studs). Be a part of this roohani ehsas, great khair for you.

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One comment

  1. SAEED AHMED · · Reply

    You look like CIA agent,all your getup is very dubious,better not to do this type of joke,otherwise after Shabaz Sharif, people think your are number 2 circus clown,if you join Shabaz Sharif,both of you provide the good entertainment to people of Pakistan,by the way ISI how the allow to do this type of activities,some time you look horrific with you red cap,I know wasting my time to give you importance,otherwise you are not able to mention somewhere,Hope you learn the lesson and not do funny things. One side you provoke the sentiment of innocent people on the name of religion, other side you do act like a joker,all the time you talk about war,do you remember 1970,we already lost the half part of the Pakistan,do not understand why you after half of the Pakistan,if something happen to country your red cap wont’n be exist.

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