Zaid Hamid Vs Nadeem F Parcha

Hum aapko waqyat sunayengey..

Once upon a time Zaid Hamid, Ahmed Quraishi, N F Parcha and a little girl were travelling in a plane.

In mid air Pilot announced a technical fault in the mechanism and that the plane was about to crash. Pilot announced that there are 3 parachutes left for passengers and after that he jumped of the plane with other staff.

Parachute-Funny-Cartoon-AnimatedNow there were 4 person and 3 parachutes.

Ahmed Quraishi: Yo dude…you see i have to run Project 21. I have to run several websites and prove India is behind all the problems of Pakistan. And I am the only American accentwallah journlisy.. Yo.

He took one parachute and jumped off the plane.

Zaid Hamid: yakeen jaaniye… Mulk halat e jung me hain and this fuckeer is the last hope of ummat. Bekieve us…this red cap keeps the Zionists away. If we die who will give last n final warnings to India, Israel, America and Chief Justice?

He also took one parachute and jumped off the plane.

NF Parcha to little girl: Now that leaves just two of us. I am aged now and have seen enough world. You are young. You should live to see this world.

Little girl: Don’t worry Nadeem uncle…wo Laal Topi walay Chacha mera school bag le ke kud gaye hain.



  2. good one, but the story seems familiar.well, i don’t know anything about ahmad quershi, and i know that hamid is the most delude fool out there(may be he deserves a Guinness for seeing a conspiracy in everything),and for NADEEM F PARCHA,i love to read his articles.

    1. Just an ordinary joke.. modified to fit Zaidu.

      Ahmed Quraishi is another conspiracy theorist.

    the article sums why fools like zaid hamid exist,a must read for those who really want to know as to how radicalism has taken firm footing in Pakistan.

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