Ban on YouTube is a Zionist conspiracy: Zaid Hamid

you-tube-bannedAgency Sources, Rawalpindi. In a shocking development, days after a ban was enforced on Youtube, Pakistan’s leading security and defence think tank Brasstacks has filed for bankruptcy.

CEO Zaid Hamid is missing since this incident, but one of their employees (name withheld on request) says that “I saw this coming.. You see, for our ground breaking research andtranscendental strategic analysis, we have to rely upon credible and authentic information, and Youtube was the only source which met all these criteria. Yes, every single strategy ever published by Brasstacks was based on 3rd party videos, uploaded by our ummahs from all over the world.. Why else would u think our theories are so popular in  Pakistan?” he quipped.

And due to the ban on Youtube in place since past 3 days, there is no way they can continue issuing new theories in defence of their pious land. “Quality of our information sources is something that we take very seriously” He proudly added.

He also said that this was devastating for his master Zaidu, who apparently was so pissed that he burnt down a KSA embassy thinking it of it as a USA consulate, damaged 3 hindu baniyarailway engines and took 13 shots of Afghani gaanja, before jumping into the Arabian sea for Ghazwa e Hind. As per one eye-witness, he was screaming that an entire army of Invisible Horsemen was accompanying him in this endeavour.

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In the above pic he posted a Youtube video on his page saying FB is a CIA spying machine, later on he realized that video was a satire made by Onion News, quietly deletes the post!

This employee further added that there is a zionist conspiracy behind Youtube ban. “RAW/CIA/Mossad are afraid of our eye opening theories like the one on Mumbai attacks, by looking at few youtube videos, we proved that 26/11 was a RAW conspiracy to kill its own people.. it was so obvious”

When pointed out by our reporter that Youtube is also a maghrabi company owned by a Jewish man, he threatened to sue him under the blasphemy law.

(PS: Every link in the above article includes a video of this genius man. Take my word, pure entertainment!!)

Originally published here on Faking News.

Author: Salil Shukla
Follow him on Twitter: @serious_salil

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