A Glimpse In To The Future Of United States Of Islam

Dear Children,

This fuckeer has told you several times in past about the roohani ehsaas of madina-e-sani Pakistan. Pakistan Allah ke khufiya raazon me ek raaz hai (Pakistan is one of the secretes among Allah’s secrets). We have also told you a number of times that Allah has chosen Pakistan to lead the Muslim Ummat and establish Khilafat-eRashida by eliminating the Ribah based currency system and bring peace for Muslims (we do not care about non-Muslims). InshaAllah Pakistan will be the leader of United States of Islam (hereafter referred as USI) that will comprise of all the Muslim countries and USA, Israel, India, Britain, Russia and later on China. Take a look at the proposed purely Islamic currency in USI.

Currency in United States of Islam Funny

Though by looking at the condition of Pakistan you might be wondering if it will last till the formation of USI. But trust on this fucke(e)r, we are the choden one..oops..chosen one. If you believed our previous promise (made 4 years back) of Pakistanis on moon in 5 years, you should believe on this one too.

The Zionist controlled media always shows kaafir Superheroes. In United States of Islam you will read the adventures of Super Mard-e-Momin, Spider Mard-e-Jaal, Iron Mard-e-Haq, Halkullah Khan etc. There will be be some female Superheroes as well such as jew-killer Cat Khatoon.

Lets meet some of such superheroes in the future United Sates of Islam.


Superman will be a pure 5 times namazi Muslim with beard, re-Islamized as Super Mard. Size of his underwear will be increased and most probably replaced by kacchas. Take a look at the mard-e-dard Super-Mard:

Muslim Super Man as Super Mard

Super Mard

Spider Mard-e-Jaal:

Spider Mard-e-Jaal will be a Allah fearing soul. He will be always there to help Muslims in need. He will have no obligation to save non-Muslims, kaafirs such as hindu baniya and Buddhists Zionists. Obviously, Spider-Mard will not be available during the namaz time and in the month of Ramadan.

Muslim Spider Man as Spider Mard Funny

Spider-Mard offering namaz


Bat Mard will be changed as well. Specially his bat logo and his clean unshaven visible face. His name itself will send the fear down the spine of kaafirs, Jews and seculars.

Muslim Batman as Bat Mard Mard-e-Mask Funny

Bat Mard

The Bat signal, used to call Bat Man for help, will also be changed. Bat Mard also will provide his services to Muslims only.

Muslim Bat Man Signal Funny

Bat Mard Signal

Hulkullah Khan:

Angry green man Hulk, after accepting Islam, will be known as Hulkullah Khan. He will get uncontrollably angry after seeing kaafirs or Jews. Only teen Hindu girls can placate him once he gets angry.

Angry Muslim Hulk Funny

Hulkullah Khan

Iron Mard-e-Haq:

Iron Mard, a weapon dealer, will be synonymous with terror among the sinful kaafirs, yahoods and seculars.

Muslim Iron Man Iron Muslim Funny

Iron Mard

Cat Khatoon:

Before kaafirs start saying that Islam persecute women, we have included our female Superhero, Cat Khatoon (Islamic version of Cat Woman). She features last in the list, as always. She specializes in converting Hindus, Christians, Buddhists and Jews to Muslims by trapping them in her deadly charm.

Cat Khatoon Female Muslim Super Hero

Cat Khatoon

So children you see, the future of United States of Islam is glorious. Whatever state Pakistan may be in, it is destined to rule the world as prophesied by Fuckeer Baba Burfani (who predict future using a parrot). Let us pray for the rise and shine of Ummat.

Muslim Islamic Superheroes praying

Rise and Shine Ummat

As always yours,

Super Chacha Zaid Hamid

(Contact us for any type of conspiracy theory)


  1. Epic!

  2. malyaban · · Reply


  3. LOL! looking forward to more of your awesome posts! JIHADD!

    1. There will be more crazy azaans. Stay firm Mujahid.

  4. chaudhary · · Reply

    Zaid….Waise sapne dekhne par koi tax nahi lagta…..so enjoy it …..

    1. Yakeen jaaniye.. we have tried conquering India several time in our dreams…

  5. ahahhahaha amazing dude…

  6. ahmed quriashi · · Reply


  7. Zamiyad Dar · · Reply

    This is the funniest shit

  8. (we do not care about non-Muslims). you said this, i find that wrong we should care about the non muslims to give them the true msg

  9. You funny son of an indian asshole!

  10. Al-Waleed · · Reply

    there are some crazy people in the world and extremist like you give us muslims bad names why cant we care about the non-muslims ? are you better than them is that what you are saying ? we are all creations of Allah. my family did not come to the U.S.A cause it was borring in their country is because they wanted freedom. like the brother said “we have tried conquering India several time in our dreams” but let me add that even in dreams you have failed now how are you going to take over the U.S ?

  11. Navneet · · Reply


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