Zaid Hamid wins Gold Medal for Pakistan in shooting at Olympics

Dear children and their mothers,

This fuckeer has won the first gold medal for madina-e-sani Pakistan in shooting at zionist Olympics games. The greatest philosopher, thinker, writer and mujahid, our Baba Ekball had predicted this even in his poem “Kana Fuckeer .. Chalaye Teer”. By Allah, this fuckeer imagined hindu baniya and their julm on mazloom suckeena biwi and aimed at target. When the dust setteled, this fuckeer was holding high his laal topi to accept the Islamic Gold Medal.


One comment

  1. well, i think he should have better loaded shit in it.
    and he would not have needed a pistol to fire it….just opening the mouth would suffice.

    also, did you observe, the run-up he took before firing the shot..i thought he was going to ball the fastest ball of his career….at 60 km/hr

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