Autobiography of Zaid Hamid: Part3 of From Indus to Oxus [PDF Download],

Dear Children and their mothers and our Zionist SAFMA Enemies,

Zaid Hamid Funny Batman Laal Topi ConspiracyToday We’ve the honour to narrate third part of our great journey from Indus to Oxus! As we mentioned earlier, we were very much happy being chaiwala’s to help Afghan Gayhad. My great prophet Sheikh Yusuf Kazab Ah Jahanami Al Murshad urf Bachiyo wala qazi was arrested by the silly Zionist influenced govt of this time. We’re very much depressed after that since our Afghan Gayhad was winning but our great Prophet was captivated. We started a campaign to influence the Pakistani govt by making them not only listen but also hear our Azans, as a result many govt officers became unconscious but the loud noise of our Azans failed to reach our Saudi friends and they decided to hang our great prophet the evergreen bachelor Yusuf.

We attended all court meeting and inspired our Mujahids to attack court by my special Gayhad moves including the burping azan but the judge was paid by Zionists. Furthermore prophet Yusuf also wanted 72 virgins as early as possible (boys, virgin boys got it? to run our Gayhad against Women in Jannat too). So he decided to leave up early. He didn’t want to die by Zionist police so we hired a young Ghazi. Murshad wore our Inqilabi red underwear and started giving loud Azans when he shot down him. All Gayhad mujahids became sad then because boss won’t let any virgin boy survive in Jannat before us.

It was a great disappointment for all of us with our win in Afghanistan leading to this crucial loss. We slept that night and saw Murshad in our dream with a new pair of red underwear and matching Laal Topi for us and he said “My young apprentice, Al Khalifat ul Bakistan fil Khajoor you’ll now fight and give our Azans in India “

And the hence battle begins.

To be continued,

Chacha Zaid Chaiwala,
patha Yusuf Pehalwan



  1. boss won’t let any virgin boy survive in Jannat before us hahahahahaha Epic 😀 Ramzan may to baz a jao

  2. […] Great prophet Sheikh Yusuf Kazab Al Jahanumi who went to Janat to “un-virgin” all the vi…The demise of our there to run Gayhad against women, made us really disappointed and sad. After seeing him in our dream, we again became hopeful that boss (May Lanat and Virgin boys be upon him) might leave some virgins for us too to allure more Taliban members in our Gayhad. Our boss was wearing such an Inqilabi underwear in our dream that our eyes were totally outshined and seeing his posture and hearing crazy Azans from his Inqilabi underwear made our Gayhad senses alive and running. […]

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