Laal Topi for Sale

Dear friends and Ghazi’s,
It is stated respectfully by the Fuckeer that I’ve placed my Laal Topi for sale for hold a bachelor party in memory of my great murshad Yusuf Kazab. This Laal Topi can give you multiple benefits!

1. It hides the hollowness of Fuckeer’s head.
2. It traps lice into believing they’re in my head.
3. It makes Fuckeer visible in all talkshows.
4. It suits and matches our Inqilabi Red underwear fashion accessories.
5. It makes me look like one of my central weapons which I mentioned in my Indus to Oxus sex book.

This Laal Topi has to be bought by original Mujahid’s who’re willing to fight Ghazwa e Hind with me! If anyone else bought it my Mujahid Army of Lice will attack their Zionist head with our Azans! (beware SAFMA)

With due respects-
Laal Topi wala Fuckeer
apkay Chachu,
Zaid Kazab


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