Zaid Hamid’s latest and most powerful azaan. Last and final warning to everyone.

Dear Children and their maa-behan,

Dekhiye.. hamara kaam azaan dena hai….. ek baat hum waaze kar de….yakeen jaaniye, mulk halaat-e-jung me hai…. maghrib se crusader America aur mashriq se hindu baniya  India attack karne ke liye taiyaar baitha hai…. Chief justice suo moto nahi le rahi… SAFMA snakes… sajay-e-maut…

Cold start ..Af-pak doctrine…Somalia, Iraq, Yugoslavia model…NATO supply route… technocrat caretaker government supported by army and supreme court. … patriots in government… demon-cracy demo cracy.. death to politicians.. heads on streets of Islamambad…

Are you so naive… (red cap along with broomstick hair and a head shakes, with two hand comes up in front and start making gesture of rotating a football)..Ekbal ki philosophy.. Quaid-e-Azam.. hindu baniya.. bajrang dal, RSS.

East Pakistan, Muzibur Rehman, Agartalla saazish… Israel, yahoodis, one world order.. paper based ribah system… gold asharfis… Pakistan’s aaine… section 61, 62 and 69… Illuminati, christion zionists, hindu zionists and zionist zionists…

Roohani ehsaas of Pakistan… madina-e-sani Pakistan… Allah ke khufiya raazon me ek raaz.. Pakistan…. Makka ..Madina.. war.. blood .. kill…

Radio Pakistan Delhi…Ghazwa-e-Hind… when.. where ..why and how…doesn’t matter… likha hai hoga.. kaise.. wo nahi pata… (head shakes again with julfen and hand comes in front again)…. we defeated India, Israel, Russia, America, China, Sudan and Brasil… we are 18 crore.. nuclear armed.. we will not take prisoner this time (like every time else)…

— Laal Topi Walay Chacha Zaid Hamid

Fill in the blanks to get the latest azaan, warning and whatever crap.

Readers, did I forget something? Do let me know, I’ll add it later on.



  1. Zaid Hamid ki Biwi kyon bhaag gayi? Suna hai wo ek hindu baniye ke saath bhaagi hai.

    1. Yakeen jaaniye … We were busy in planning for ghazwa when hindu baniya wooed our begum. SOmetime sthis fuckeer jerks off in her memory.

  2. Abdul Malik · · Reply

    Hilarious. Read through most of the site. Had one of the best laughs in a long time. Thanks

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