Last Warning No. 420 to SAFMA [updated]

Dear Children and their mothers and sisters ,

Allah never gives Izzat and dignity to people who willingly accepts lies deceptions, treacherous and betrayals of the Ummah and then still remain silent. If we stay silent now, and not inform you that we have continuing  loose motions  then Allah will abandon us to our fate of humiliation and insult. Therefore we have worn our copy righted patent pending (c) Red Mujahid “Easshy”  diaper’s they are the best  slide on/off Adult Diaper’s–InshAllah and are writing this.

By Allah, this faqeer will fight the enemies of  whoever you want and Pak Sarzameen, even if he has to stand alone on the streets in his adult diaper’s  or even they kill his favorite Pookha cat or destroy his peanut business or aspiring underwear business or our copyrighted (c) patent pending “Easshy” diaper’s designs . We will NOT surrender InshAllah!

SAFMA — Imtiaz Alam and his shaitani cult are snakes within Pakistan. If you let them get away from justice for patent infringement of our underwear and now even caps, then your underwear’s will be sold in bazaars of Hindu India. This is what they plan for you.

You cannot remain neutral here. Spread this fart (may be smelly) globally and join the first battles of Ghazwa e Hind. We shall make final announcement of  farts programs  to let you know the time and place to reach us to smell our latest.

Lets show them that our Mujahids  of Pakistan will not allow Imtiaz Alam and his snakes to hand over our various businesses to Hindus. It is time to deal with them decisively, InshAllah.


Laal Topi Walay Chacha

Zaid Hamid


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