Zaid Hamid to launch his own Ghazwa TV

Dearest Children and their mothers along with other female members,

All the big Islamic greetings, in 10-11 lines, to you.

Children as you have seen that the zionist beghairat media has banned this fuckeer from live talk shows, news programs etc despite of the fact that this mard-e-dard was ready to discuss on any topic including Defense, Af-Pak, Middle East turmoil, Economy, Finance, Islam, Illuminati, Politics, Gossips, Veena Malik anything. It is a known fact that this fuckeer is missed badly, both by fans and haters, when we are absent from tv for a long time. Also, our shows raises the TRP of any channel as the discussion goes in both serious and comedy category at the same time, increasing the viewers range.

Lately, whenever any Pakistani news channel invited us, it was only for insult. Believe us, this fuckeer takes the insult as a BDSM sex. The more is the insult, the more it is enjoyed by this fucke(e)r. We took all the insult smiling, shaking our head in no with red cap and long julfen whenever someone other talked sense.

But this is it. This green eyed mujahid (we changed the colors of our eyes to fulfill a so called prophecy that a green eyed person will be leading the ummah, the maulvi who prophesied it is in a mental hospital now a days) will take it no more. By the grace of Allah, ISI, Pak Army, Gen (retorded) Hamid Gul this fuckeer will be launching its own channel: GHAZWA TV.

Yakeen janiye.. it will be the single most powerful weapon to defeat the enemy in this 4.5G information warfare. Our crazy azaans will be broadcast everywhere on radio waves. There is a high chance that we can capture Delhi from the channel itself.

  • All the conspiracy theories from across the world will be translated in to Urdu and will be termed with our own copyright.
  • All the anchors will be wearing red topis.
  • The logo of the channel will be a red cap or a white horse.
  • There will be special programs to educate people in conspiracy theories.
  • There will be a series on our life history named “The adventures of Laal Topi and Bald Singer”

Do let us know if you have questions or if you want to be a part of this (hilarious) revolution.

Great Khair is coming and the fuckeer is going.

— Zaid Hamid Ghazwa Waley (may the red cap be upon him)


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