Why Zaid Hamid is divorced with his wife

This is the true story presented by Bra-Strap team about Calipha Zaid Hamid and his wife. In this most romantic and roohani story we will tell you why Zaid Hamid got divorced with his wife Suckeena. Hold your breath and your pants, stay firm.

Story is when Sir Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid (Red Cap be upon him) went to Zionist state of London to monitor the situation of Ummah and the dangers of Illuminati. His beghum was still in Madina-e-Sani Pakistan and needed financial aid to maintain the economy of the house. Since our fuckeer was not happy of the idea of using ribbah based zionist online banking system, he wrote the following Islamic letter to his wife Suckeena Biwi:

Dear Suck-eena Biwi,

I can’t send you my salary this month because we ghairatmand Muslims should not use the Zionist online banking system and there is no other means for me to send Islamic Gold Asharfis of Caliphate era, so I am sending 250 kisses.

You are my sweetheart, my red cap, please understand and adjust with this situation.

Your loving patriotic husband,
Zaid Hamid Panipat Walay

His wife replied..

Laal Topi walay Fucke(e)r,

Thanks for the 250 kisses.
Below is the list of expenses I paid with the Kisses…

1. The Milk man agreed on 2 kisses for one month’s milk.

2. The electricity man, Ismail Bijli, agreed not to disconnect only after 7 kisses.

3. Your landlord Makanuddin comes every day to take 2 or 3 kisses instead of the monthly rent.

4. Supermarket owner Bazaar Khan did not accept kisses only, so I gave him other items, I hope you understand.

5. Miscellaneous expenses 40 kisses.

Please don’t worry about me, I still have a balance of 65 kisses and I hope I can survive the month using this balance.

Shall I plan the same for the next month?

Your Sweet Heart,
Suck-ee-Na Biwi

You now the reason why our darvesh is divorced. Great khair is coming along with some beautiful patriotic women for our show. We have new couch for our bra-strap office 😛


  1. Moshe Zaid · · Reply

    We have hard earned those kisses from afghan gayhadis. though most of the time i had to kiss their asses but i do it so i can send it to my family.
    my wife is such a good bibi jihadi, she is using my kisses so wisely.
    i am not sure though how did that postman deliver my kisses to my wife
    zaid hamid

    1. MashAllah!
      You got it perfectly mujahid. Join us in this battle of 4.523G war

  2. so funny

  3. deepesh · · Reply


    1. Killing kaafirs in any way is this fuckeer’s aim

  4. […] Hamid and his wife Suckeena Biwi was golfing one day on a Very Exclusive golf course lined with million dollar houses of retired and […]

  5. “There is no other means for me to send Islamic Gold Asharfis of Caliphate era, so I am sending 250 kisses.” Hahahaha!!!

  6. glassyman · · Reply

    Fantastic. Suckeena… lol

  7. hahahhahaha , bhadwa-e-hind ka khitaab muntakhid kiaa jata he aapko . khilafat-e-rashida fir se aaegi Inshalah.

  8. panwarnaveen · · Reply

    Make him cabinet minister of chutiya affairs

  9. Lanat ha tum logo pr kuty k bacho…is insan pr barosa karo if u want change

    1. jawaria shabbir · · Reply

      yaqeen kasa ?? 😦 ;-(

  10. saket · · Reply

    very good excellent . you are very talented, may i know you nationality are you Pakistani or indian

    1. yakeen jaaniye…. ye poora khitta Pakistan hai… India= Greater Pakistan, Sri Lanka = Junubi Pakistan, Bagladesh= East Pakistan, China= Chinki Pakistan, Nepal= Chota Pakistan. We all belong to Pakistan.

  11. Musharaf · · Reply

    your situation is like dumb,deaf and blind. i would like to tell you only one thing. just wait! and we will wait also .. and the time will decide who was on the right side of the history

  12. jawaria shabbir · · Reply

    what the hell 😮 i mean seriously who is he ?? yahoodi? qadiyani?Indian?Pakistani? how stupid of me 😦 I was his big fan ….. what a shame ….My heart bleeds

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