Role of Hamid Gul in making of Zaid Hamid-Best Comedian.

Many of our critics often questioned us that what Zaid hamid was doing with (Retard) General Hamid GUL before 2007 when he “suddenly” appeared on media with bunch of jokes! Our Sex Book From Indus to Oxus is a solid slap on their face which gives the graphic and photographic detailed account of our sexual adventures and gay life in the 80’s and 90’s with (Retard) General Hamid GUL.

Here is an anecdote from our Afghan ware diary regarding the same:

We were only around 27 or 28 youngest of all pillow fighters in the Afghan Gayhad when we met General GUL at CAMP. Apart from watch porn we were the only source of entertainment for fellow Mujaheddin who were engaged in defending Pakistan’s interest in the Afghan Gayhad. In those days we tried to write various comedy articles with our chutiyametic approach in national press but General Sahab never let us go, he was so much in love with this Fuckeer that he always takes us behind bushes for gayhad.
Our sex book: Indus to Oxus is a nostalgic reminder of our romantic era with General sahab. The Defence and Security Chutiyametic analysis venture Bra-Strap that we run today was formulated during those romantic days. Hard training of 20 years with horses, donkeys and with afghan studs turned young apprentice gayhadi into best comedian of today.

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