Zaid Hamid’s cat Pooka converted to be a Jew

Dear children and their mothers,

We are reporting this with regret that we have incurred first loss in this fierce 4G War. In this war of disinformation and propaganda, this fu*keer is lagging behind. Last week, our beloved purely Islamic cat Pooka of Persian origin has converted by the zionists. He was burgled by the zionists that we want to sell him on fitnah ebay to hire a new videographer (last one ran away with Peeno, our secretary, after watching Hindu Baniya’s Jab We Met).

This was not true. We were planning to sell our red cap on ebay and this is why we were taking new photographs. To make the photo look cuter, we took our beloved Pooka in our lap. You can see that photo below:

Zaid Hamid’s Purely Islamic Mujahid cat Pooka

Since we were not wearing our laal topi Pooka thought otherwise and then Hindu Baniya backed SAFMA agents tweeted that we are going to sell Pooka. Our Pooka was masoom, he got emotional and decide leave this Takmeel-e-Pakistan mission and join the enemy side.

Zaid Hamid’s Islamic cat Pooka is a Jewish cat now 😦

Children, don’t loose hope and pants. Causalities occur in war even if it is cyber war. We urge you to stay firm and united. Listen to our crazy azaans two times a day once before each meal. Everything will be alright.

Remember a Zaid Hamid a day keeps zionists away.

Barak Allah feekum.

Chacha Zaid Hamid Ghazwa-Hind Walay



  1. […] even if he has to stand alone on the streets in his adult diaper’s  or even they kill his favorite Pookha cat or destroy his peanut business or aspiring underwear business or our copyrighted (c) patent pending […]

  2. […] of all sizes and shapes. He told us a lot of conspiracy theories esp this theory that our govt supported Zionists to convert our cat Pooka into a Jew. He also told us a couple of things regarding CIA. Especially his new warning to our […]

  3. What a fail attempt at a joke. If you really want to humiliate somebody in public, try harder. The world is full of terrorist who have to be eradicated completely. A clear example of hybrid beast infestation. May Allah guide you to the right path.

    1. And what exactly you mean by ‘try harder’? Please elaborate.

      And by the ‘right path’ you mean kill all the Hindus of India, I choose the wrong path.

    2. What she actually means to say is, we should all read Aka lal topi’s Indus to Oxus and embark on the glorious journey of Gayhad. The world maybe full of terrorists but it is people who distort history that need to be taken care of first. They are the sole cause of communal tension and why people cant look beyond the veil of religion and respect each others rights as human beings. May Allah give you the power to ascertain who /what he really is and not follow people whose claim to fame and rise to glory is based on dividing mankind on the basis of different allahs for all.

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