Raaj of Our Laal topee and source of our Inspiration.

Dear Children and their mothers,

Kuffr has been spreading conspiracies about our laal topee and out getup. Some say we are inspired by a bottle of coke and some say we want to draw attention at our face since it is hard to find with our short height and round body.

Little did they know that we were “revealed” this idea from our new prophet who has also made us his first Overseas Sahaba. Yousuf Kazzab can take a hike now, our new prophet is out of Pakistani supreme courts juridiction.

zaid hamid's inspiration behind his laal topee

laal topee inspiration

The Sahaba:

No prizes for guessing our similarities with him. May be we can get Ali Azmat to paint his scalp red to look like us.

Inshallah soon we will give our next lecture from moon.

Syed Zaid hamid aka Laal topee wala



  1. manish · · Reply

    you really are a dedicated one. how come you hunt this bastard for so long. i think the idiot doesn’t deserve your creativity. you know all his followers are so brainwashed into believing that they are a chosen lot, that they won’t even stumble upon this side.
    he is a dead horse now. with change of guard at the top in isi, he seems to have fallen out of favour of the new chief. i hope he doesn’t radicalize the pakistani youth further.

    1. Actually our job is very easy and fun. that clown is funnier than charlie chaplin. He is not only an ass-et of pakistan but an ass-et of entire world. great people are always like that.
      Also dont worry, the only people who follow him have no brains or guts hence no chance of brain washing.

    2. swpanil · · Reply

      why west time on zaid, he is doing great work( by brainwashing young minds and thereby destriying pakistam’s future) let him destry pakistan, we will watch the show from border.

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