Darwesh brand underwear har Mujahid ki pasand-Zaid Hamid

Dear Children,

Our Bengali Baba always wore red underwear to stop loose motions. He too prophesized that the future generation of this millat too will make and wear red underwear’s and will never go to doctors for treatment as its haram under present situation, MashAllah.

Today,we see the young generation of tailors reviving the Sensual, romantic and emotional message of Bengali baba once again. Also, we are undergoing serious financial crisis so for sake of money our cyber soldiers have launched series of mujahid underwear’s named as DARWESH brand with extremely powerful message of our beloved bengali baba. Visit them and wear them we too accept credit cards and be part of this shaheen army which is now becoming a massive caravan.

MashAllah! darwesh brand underwear must become the “Fashion” for the youth who are suffering from loose motions and are looking for dhajjali doctors for treatment. Give respect to this Bengali Baba always buy darwesh brand underwear.

With love.
Chacha Zaid Hamid- Panipat waley

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  3. zaid hamid chutiya · · Reply

    We are getting free publicity. That is our aim. To get publicity whatever way it comes.

    We (Zaid Hamid) call media satanic, awara and tool of enemy but we gladly accept every invitation on the same tv channels. Once we came on CNN (for 13 sec) as well and we posted that video three times in a month on our facebook page. Russia Today (the same Russians whom we defeated in Afghanistan) is one of frequent dwelling point.

    So, you see, we are attention seeker. We will always do crazy stuff and give last and final warnings on weekly basis to India, America, Israel, Veena Malik and whoever cares,

    Only we can guard mulk’s ghairat because we have experienced working as a security guard in riba based zionist banks.


    Zaid Hamid “Conspiracy Waley”

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  6. […] news of this conspiracy theory scared us so much that it made our Inqilabi underwear wet. But before we could wash it and do Ghusal and upload it on our brasstack website to inform our […]

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