“Reporting for Jihad Follow Us” Letter to Calipha Zaid Hamid.

Dear Children,
yesterday I received a very erotic and emotional love letter via e-mail from a taliban fighter who was with us during afghan GAYHAD had to share it with you make sure u got tissue papers.Time has come for our followers to come and join Gayhad to defend this Pudina e Sani.
MashAllah,the email says:

“Sir Zaidu..I was with you during afhan GAYHAD.You remember when both of us were stealing mangoes of soviets and certainly they came from behind and I ran away but soviets caught you and stripped you and tied you with horny horses.

I was hearing your cries, screams while hiding behind wall and was praying for you.I never heard anyone crying so loud but after sometime silence prevailed and I thought you were dead as I could not find you elsewhere but few days back I stole an edition from RADDIWALA, of your sex magazine BraStrap in which on the firstpage,You were nude and sitting on mujahid circumcised donkey and saying “REPORTING FOR GAYHAD FOLLOW ME”.

Whenever I see that at night, My kataari stands up to salute you.I am sorry for not helping you but now I want to give my services once again for new GAYHAD,Inshallah when time will come..U would find us again hiding behind bushes and reviving GAYHAD once again on pudina e sani with fellow mujhahids.

Your Calipha

Zaidu Chacha Panipat Wale

In Response To:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=335084676546350&set=a.109687115752775.23119.109463862441767&type=1&theater


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