Agni V, Electricity, Pakistan and India: Analysis by Zaid Hamid

Dearest children (and their mothers),

All the big Islamic greetings etc.

Ek baat hum waaze kar dena chate hain… mulk halaat-e-jung me hai (Let us clarify one thing..Nation is in state of war). America, Israel together with NATO forces are on our west side with Af-Pak doctrine. These crusaders are not letting us help our mujahid Taliban brothers and routinely accused us of supporting terrorists. On the eastern side Hindu Baniya India is ready with its cold start doctrine.

This new age war has been upgraded from 4th generation to 4.5 generation now. Let us tell you how India is spreading terror in Pakistan. After water terrorism, India started wind terrorism. India tested its ICBM Agni-V which caused a change in wind direction and thus changed the weather conditions in Pakistan which resulted in bad crop this year. Earlier this month India worked on its cold-start strategy which resulted in Siachen tragedy where our soldiers were trapped in cold snow. Now after all these, India is up for Electricity terrorism.

Look at our beghairat leaders. They are asking electricity from hindu baniya.

By Allah, this fuckeer will use Facebook from Iraq oil powered mobile phone but will never accept kaafir electricity unless we capture Delhi.

If our demon-cractically elected leader choose to do so.. remember this fuckeer can not only recognize “hinduon wali shakalen” but also recognize “hinduon wali electricty”.

Remember! Hinduon wali electricity throws yellow light from the bulb while Muslim electricity gives white light. Yellow electricity is used by BJP lightmen and Bajrang Dal electricians.

Great khair is coming. Are ..Light also came! Seems like Hundu light (our bulb is throwing yellow light.. sign of Bajrang Dal and BJP) 😦 😦

–by Zaid Hamid

Third most popular person of Pakistan after his mother and sister.



  1. Tasawar · · Reply

    Ap bazari log hain.zuban to ghattia ho gi he.zaid hamid ki juti ki khaak k brabar b nae hy tm men sy koi.

    1. zaid hamid ki jooti ki khaak ka tou pata nahi, lekin logo ki jootion ki khaak zaid hamid ke ganje sir pe milti hai. zaid hamid ek yahoodi agent hai our wo rasool ka gunehgar hai.

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