Capture Toilets before Capturing India for Ghazwa Ae Hind-Zaid Hamid

Most of the Pakistanis as usual got Zionist maps and do not even know how to see world map and don’t know the strategic significance of Toilets and why this fuckeer advanced sitting on white donkey towards Afghanistan in 1990 and captured all soviet toilets. See on the map,the circular region between Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.

When Mohammad bin Quasim advances along with Suckeen Biwi he came next to the Iranian regions and block’s their access to toilets and also gains strategic control over Iranians by blocking the strategic Afghan national highways so they got nowhere to release their internal pressure and hence Quasim won as Iran surrendered itself.

Nations can’t defend their territories if they lost their access to toilets. These toilets seemingly small regions but play a great strategic role in shaping the destiny of the nations.
Mohammad Bin Quasim had said in his sex book that nations should first protect their toilets than protecting borders.

Never ever doubt that fact that Toilets are critically important for all and we can never live without them. In near future, InshAllah, we will advance further for Ghazwa e Hind along with our Cyber Army and will capture all toilets of Delhi and hence we will conquer paleet Indians.

Arm yourself with knowledge of our beloved hero Bin Quasim on how to break in toilets and share this knowledge with your friends and now spread our smelly fart globally to counter the SAFMA,CIA,MOSSAD,RAW,VEENA MALIK,MUNNI,CHAMELI,ANARKALI propaganda against  our Father land. These snakes must be defeated , InshAllah!.

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