Mooli ke Paranthey: A threat to national security-Zaid Hamid

Our “Been” which we were playing to catch SAFMA snakes in the Supreme Court was lost also we are facing severe resistance from Dr. Faqeer Hussain, the Registrar of the Supreme Court, who is desperately tried to stop us by Passing stinky BAD gas on our face when we were trying to locate our BEEN under his Chair.He raised silly objections like we should not come to look under each and every table of Supreme court for our BEEN as we are not qualified snake Charmer !! Absolutely, shameless to say the least. If we cannot look under every table of Supreme Court then where should we look for it ???? Pakistan is under attack and a clerk in Supreme court is defending the enemy’s information war by eating mooli k paranthe and farting on this mujahedin face, Astaghfurullah!
Zaid Hamid catching SAFMA snakes

InshAllah, We some how bypassing the Registrar Chair and requesting the DJ to intervene and take us seriously as his staff  has formed party against this fuckeer.We expected this behavior from the lower staff of Supreme Court who will now be investigated to explain why are they eating too much mooli k paranthe when we were trying to find our BEEN.It is most unfortunate that the Registrar, who is basically a clerk is responsible for supplying Mooli kay Paranthe to judges and others. We are requesting the DJ to investigate and check lunch box of the Registrar daily who is blocking this Fuckeer.

Our message to SAFMA snakes. We will sink and find our Been as low as cockroach finds S***t in sewage tunnel . You can use all delaying tactics as you wish. We are in the Supreme Court Sewage system now and coming up to get our BEEN!!! These delaying tactics can get you some more days but your fate is sealed, InshAllah.

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  1. mahendra singh patel · · Reply

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