Role of Baba Ekbal in creation of Pakistan-Zaid Hamid

Mohememd Bin Quasim , Paanwala convert Taliban, was given the duty of establishing the department of Chutiyametic Reconstruction by Gen. Azam, a remarkable work to create an Islamic Khilafat styled government in Pakistan under the leader ship of this Fuckeer! As, we got nothing to do, also for sake of publicity , we shall be now copy pasting his romantic works and gay stories here.

Children, Bin Quasim had met Baba Ekball and mentions the romantic get together in his private meeting with Baba Ekball on 1930’s where both were passed out. Baba Ek-ball asked him to wear Condom but condoms were found punctured (Of-course Zionist punctured them) but still he told our beloved Quasim to go for it (I hope u understood) and work for the future Isylamic state by raising us. This incredible evidence is another slap on the face of SAFMA snakes who say that Ekbal had no role in Making of Calipha. read this text from the world famous sex book by Mohammad bin Quasim “Lagaa kay Dhakka“!

“After becoming Talib I lived with Donkeys and camels for nearly six years in Arabia and enjoyed Rohaani Get together with them and with fellow afghan stud, King Ibn Saud; that after leaving Arabia I went to India (in future Greater Pakistan) and there met the great MIRAASI, BHANGGI and father of Pakistani comedian (that’s us, Zaid Hamid), EK-Ball. It was he who soon persuaded me to go behind the bush to smoke weed which he brought from Turkestan, China and Indonesia . To me, as to Ekball, Our rohaani together represented a way to, indeed the only way to revive Khilafat e Rashida,so we started ##CENSORED##”

LAGAA K DHAKKA by Muhammad bin Quasim
Page no.1

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