Anatomy of Zaid Hamid: The Idiot, The Stupid and The Hate Monger

The Zaid Hamid followers never accept that he is an idiot and a hate monger, a blasphemous jerk who speaks what the depressed Pakistani youths want to listen, the glorious history, the holier than thou attitude and the fault doesn’t lie with us but the USA, India and Israel are the ones responsible for each and every bad thing in Pakistan.

I have made fun of Calipha Zaid Hamid a number of times. I have a blog, a Facebook page and a Twitter account just to mock him. But in this post I have tried to compile all his idiotic conspiracy theories, all his stupid arguments and all of his hatred (towards Hindus and Jews) filled statements. The post is divided into two parts to be distinguished easily: Funny and Hatred. Apart from the first draft, there will be more additions as we expect Zaid Hamid to bullshit more and more in near future as well.

1. Funny:

The Suckeena Biwi Story:

Zaid Hamid missed an Oscar for this story. Zioinsts to blame for sure.

Pakistani on moon in 5 years guaranteed by Zaid Hamid:

Zaid Hamid guaranteed that in 5 years Pakistanis will be on moon, all the important decisions will be taken in Pakistan and Pakistan will be the Super Power of the world. The program was aired in 2009. What is the date today by the way?

Ghost fought the 1965 war from Pakistan Side:

This might be scary for weak hearted people as this video could be put in horror category where Zaid Hamid proves that “Roohani Powers” fought the war from Pakistan’s side in 1965 Indo-Pak war. These Roohani Powers were on vacation in 1971.

The secret behind Pakistan’s Nuclear Program:

This one is one hell of funny. So, here he also indirectly accepts that Pakistan stole the Nuclear technology.

Where does Zaid Hamid get his conspiracy theories from?

Zaid Hamid reveals his sources of information ( don’t fall down laughing).

Pak Submarine stealthily took Mumbai coast pic:

Ideally, Zaid Hamid should be prosecuted for disrespecting an average Pakistani’s intellect. He copied a pic of Los Angeles from internet and posted it on his Facebook page stating that the pic was taken by Pak Submarine in Mumbai and Indians could not detect it.

More details here:

The reason why Pakistan lost the World Cup semifinal to India:

One can think of fixing could be one thing why Pakistan could lost in the match to India, if not accepting the defeat. But no, wait! Our conspiracy theory specialist Sir Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid has a (conspiracy) theory for this matter as well. Here is what he “think”(?) is the reason for the loss:

There is a very real possibility that anti-Muslim riots would erupt in India after the match on 30th. if Pakistan wins, the wrath of the Hindu extremists would fall on helpless Indian Muslims and Pakistanis. If Pakistan loses, still the jubilation of the Hindu radicals would target Muslim minorities as tempers would be very high in the entire region! May Allah protect Indian Muslims from another “Gujarat” massacre!

He actually convinced a bunch of fools that there is a possibility of a riot. Lol. And after the defeat he gives this reason:

You want to know why they won? Why we were not mentally strong ? Because we have forgotten our own Islamic values, ideology, identity and have adopted ways of Indians!

Zaid Hamid posted a funny video from Onion News as a CIA conspiracy:

Onion News is world’s best known satire news site except in Zaidu’s world. Zaid Hamid posted a video from Onion New Network which spoofed the new privacy settings by Google, Facebook etc. But Zaidu as always in search of conspiracy theory did not realize that it was a satire, a fake news. Zaidu later deleted the post but here is a screenshot of the same:

2. Hatred:

Zaid Haimd’s hatred towards any non-Musilims is not unknown. He specialize in ranting against Hindus. He never calls a Hindu a Hindu. In his statements a Hindu is Hindu Baniya (Baniya is Hindu caste that deals in trade), Paleet Hindu (Plaeet means some one of extremely low status), Hindu Zioinsts etc. He openly threatens to kill Hinuds in a way that can put Hitler to shame.

Zaid Hamid threatens to kill Hindus after Ghazwa-e-Hind:

Zaid Hamid says Hindus convert to Islam or get killed:

In a “peaceful” invitation to Hindus of India to embrace Islam, Zaid Hamid asks them to convert or his “sword will decide”.

This is not the end of it. This is all I can remember at the moment. I request the readers to contribute in the comment section if I missed any popular videos or post.


  1. there are so many of his bongiyans that it is hard to keep track.
    however i can figure out few right off my head.

    1. once he posted a pic from submarine periscope showing a dock. he claimed that it was Mumbai dock taken by a Pakistani submarine. later it turned out that it was a Chicago coastline taken from a dummy public amusement submarine.

    2. two days ago he posted a “last FB status update” of a pak soldier who is missing at siachin. upon a closer look it turns out that the status was updated in Jan 2011

    3. And ofcourse the floods in pakistan were sent by americans

    1. Could you give me more details of point 1? I never heard of it .. 😦
      I caught the scond point posted it on my fb page… may be I’ll put it here…

      Floods in Pakistan is an Indian conspiracy .. videos available.. 🙂 but Zaidu is not the only one saying this,.. so I did not post it.. 😛

      1. here is another one for you.
        zaid hamid claimed that afia siddique was working on top secret project in america and america jailed her because she wont give them the research. he also said in front of mehar bukhari that americans used an indian to get the info out of her in afghanistan.
        afia siddique’s sister contradicted him and tried to explain the truth but apparently he knows more about her than her own sister

    2. I updated the post.. will update more soon.. thanks for the links..

  2. There are TWO Zaid Hamid Facebook Fan Pages. The links that you posted are from the HACKED ACCOUNT. This is his real page!/syedzaidzamanhamid

    1. Hello,

      You should have checked the links properly.. It is from his original page:

      Both of these link to his original page.

  3. Thanks for compiling zaidu’s antics. This is a full on entertainment packed page.

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