Last and final Powerful FART (Azaan) on NATO supply.

Isn’t she beautiful ? ๐Ÿ™‚

This weapon is Islamic indeed, ad-on accessories are looted by this Fuckeer from NATO truck while serving tea to them and the ammo is Chinese please don”t ask what we have given in return to them ! That makes it one hell of a Pakistani gun ๐Ÿ™‚ !

Let the joke begin, As u know this mard ae momin was gatekeeper at bank and served this umma by counting who is getting in and out from bank, so we can guarantee you there are 5000 containers which we have counted on our own are full of such Islamic weapons, circumcised camels and animal Viagra”s in the NATO supplies that have been blocked in Pakistan in addition to 3500 circumcised mujaheddin donkeys of US army. By god, these donkeys,camels don”t have that long and strong hardware to invade and satisfy this Fuckeer.

The fact is confusing so let us use old dictionary – If Pakistan allows these supplies to go through, then there would be a massive sex war upon Pakistan within weeks as Af-Pak, Cold start and urban war of the 4GW would be deployed instantly. From Gilgit Baltistan to Fata to Baluchistan to Punjab to Karachi, we are on the brink of an explosive sex war.

Ever since this fuckeer has started giving loud crazy azaan on Radio Pakistan , there is a marked increase in suicide attacks, BLA insurgency and cross border intrusions from the TTP terrorists. If Pakistani parliament release the NATO supplies our Ass will soon be red with the blood of Fuckeer at the d***ks of crusaders donkeys and Hindu Zionists camels. We the parrots are closely watching and eating churri as we are worth doing anything except making plans on facebook to betray our fatherland.
Khair inshAllah!

In response to Zaid Hamid’s this post.


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  1. Zaid hamid · · Reply

    This islamic camel shit gun makes Porkistan the most dangerous place on earth lol.

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