Zaid Hamid Powerful Azaan on-CIRCUMCISED DONKEYS..

After reading our encounter with soviet donkey in our sex book Indus to Oxus and having intense wet dream our cyber soldiers are now waking up from its slumber to clear the way of gazwa ae hind. We had said in our memoir to remove each and every paleet non circumcised donkey found on national highway so that gazwa e hind would be done without any distraction,as donkeys pose biggest distraction to this chalipa . It make us remember golden romantic days with soviet donkey during afghan war..Mere Bachho these donkeys are not normal islamic donkeys they are all zionist donkeys as they are not circumcised all are sent by paleet Indians to distract us from our wet dream of gazwa e hind .

See this edited video how our cyber soldiers clearing our way to gazwa ae hind. InshAllah, the day is not far when this pudina e sani will b free from all sort of non circumcised donkeys. The battle has now begun you will see more of such programs in the coming days InshAllah!


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