Love Stories of Zaid Hamid: Part 2 of From Indus to Oxus [PDF Download]

Dear children (and their mothers) All the Islamic greetings etcectra.

We have taken you to romantic journeys several times before. But those were short journeys, this time we will take you for a full ride. We will tell the love story of this fu*keer. You will forget watching the hindu baniya made kufr bollywood movies after reading this story. It has romance (all kinds of), it has emotions, it has action against paleet hindus and yahoodies.

You already know how we met some good looking stud pathans during our Afghanistan Jihad. The Afghans were true mard-e-momins. When we used to serve the great Ummah during the nights, those pathans ravaged us like anything. Those mard-e-haq gave us dard-e-tashreef but this darvesh bear all the pain smiling under the red cap. We were not serving the Afghans but giving our full body effort to the Muslim ummah so much that thet Jihad turned into Gay-had for us.

When we returned back from the Gay-had, our abba huzoor forced us to get married. We were working for the security of Zionists banks like Bank of America and Deutsche Bank. Our begum were very fond of our 3.5 inches kataari (you know what we mean 😛 ). She used to laugh at our kataari. What a good nature and milansaar lady was she. Our whole neighborhood was impressed with her and used to visit her mostly in our absence. Our dhoodhwalla and paleet hindu dhobi used to come to our house four times a day, just because of teh good nature of our beghum. We started to like our bghum (she did not) but one day again we met with another pathan. Our beghum could not see us with the mard-e-azaad pathan. She divorced us on the basis of sexual incompetency, Alahumdullah and ran away to America with an Indian RAW agent. That day we were ravaged. Our ghairat has been violated (not by the pathan but the Indian agent). That day this darvesh vowed to take revenge against India, America and Israel.

Children, in the quest for ghazwa-e-hind you should be ready to sacrifice everything especially your ass because Indians kick asses. A good practice would be to meet with some stud pathans for the practice of ghazawa-e-hind. Your tashreef will be strong with these kind of practices.

We were feeling very lonely and went for a walk towards the Wagha border. We exmined the road to Ghazwa-e-Hind. The roads on the hindu baniya side was well made. Our horses wiil have no difficulties and we will charge till panipat using the good roads built by paleet hindus. During our Wagha trip, we once again met a handsome mard-e-dard. We were feeling very starnge kind of emotional attraction. Our 2 feet long ponytail (Ponytails are forbidden for man in Islam but we don’t care) were giving us a beautiful look. We just could not resist us. We hugged and kissed the mard-e-momin. We were again ready to sacrifice our ass in the Gay-had. We were ready for the dard-e-tashreef. Look at this beautiful picture and remember that you may need to sacrifice your ass too!



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