Latest Powerful Azaan on NATO supply route.

This voice of Fuckeer will give shivers down your ass you will die laughing on us!!! Listen to the Jalal and Jamal of Mard Ae Momin. We have farted aloud and declared everyone who are against us, as a ghaddar of Madina e Sani ,Spread this smelly fart ,we meant video to every corner of the world and let the world hear how we alone doing our duty to destroy comedy business of Pakistan by repeating same words AF-PAK doctrine,4GW,Libya,Yugoslavia,NATO supply lines.

Now if anyone says to you that this Fuckeer is now incapable of giving loud crazy azaan and now is planning to apply visa for USA , you can slap them with confidence. In Pakistan, apart from Zaidu-nism there will not be any other ism (secularism, communism, capitalism etc ) . Khuda ki kasam roz roz itna ucchi ucchi azaaney day k humhari pent bhi geeli ho jaati hai peechay say but don”t worry children from now onwards we will wear Made in Pakistan -Red coloured-Adult Diapers .

Don”t just laugh alone,do Share this video/page with your mujahid friend make him follow this page/Darwesh as we only want to increase our cyber army for our wet dream of Gazwa e Hind and wants to get humiliated by the enemies of Pak sarzameen.

InshAllah Khair.


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