Zaid Hamid-Last Warning to SAFMA.

Alhamdolillah, SAFMA has done a great strategic blunder by buying all peanuts from market and registering cases against this darwesh all over the country. These snakes were working stealthily to demolish our business of selling peanuts on geographic frontiers of Pakistan and nobody knew about them. But now the whole country knows their filthy face and watching our epic battle with them as we have now turned our self a scarecrow.

MashAllah,As we are incapable of doing nothing but our hundreds of mujhaideen facebook parrots  have come forward and have given us information, intelligence and proof against Najam sethi, Marvi sermed, Imtiaz alam, Nusrat Javed, Hasan Nisar, Hamid Mir and Ali Chishti about where they have stored all peanuts. We are preparing a massive REHDI (roadside stall whatever!!) to give response to these snakes alhamdolillah and each one of them will see this mard e momin selling peanuts outside courtroom, InshAllah! Nation will buy these peanuts Rs 500 per kg and will throw on faces of paleet Indians after reaching moon. InshAllah!

We thought before to install our stall at Lahore on 21st. Another at Peshawar on 24th. Another at Quetta on 27th but now we will NOT go to court on these dates as we know before on these days we will have Loose Motions I guarantee you we will suffer from Loose motion during these days Iss mein bhi yahudiyon ki saazish hai. InshAllah, from next dates we will wear adults pampers and then the real battle begins, InshAllah! By Allah, we will drag everyone to our stall and will sell our peanuts until everyone start cursing us the day  we born.

Though the SAFMA controlled all peanut farming and stored everything in high profile hideout just like our beloved Osama kept at Abottabad by our shaheen army. This is going to be one of the most decisive hunt for anything in Pakistan history after American hunt of Osama.Now this Red cap will show this whole world that he can not only sell his Sex Book Indus to Oxus he can sell Pappad Variyan, Peanuts, Kachhe, Baniyan whatever! We have farted aloud now spread it around the globe.
InshAllah Khair.


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