Zaid hamid-last warning to all tailors!

Leaders of Pakistan are asking hindu baniya to make chaddi and baniyan for Pak sarzameen . Now these paleet Hindu tailors will come to teach us how to make chaddi”s and baniyan in Pakistan. All tailors of Pakistan are following the agenda of RAW and Indian foreign policy to make us wear Zionist made Jokey undergarments which have no hidden pockets.These hidden pockets will play important role in storing piyaaz k paranthe and ammunition for our dream run of Gazwa ae hind .Under the cover of “chapplon ki bhaasha” now these hard core Hindu zionist backed Pandits are being pushed into Pakistan to steal our red Dhaari daar kachha which got mashAllah 69 pockets and it is sickening to see how the liberal secular tailors are promoting them.

Beware of them and resist their entry into Pakistan stand at airport,bus stand,taxi stand,.Remove and check underwear of every one you see .Anyone wearing such western underwear’s would lose his faith and Imaan. By God, mujhahid can live without ROTI KAPDA AUR MAKAAN but can”t live without Zaidu chaap CHADDI AUR BANIYAAN .
InahAllah Khair!


One comment

  1. M.A Jinnah wanted a true Taliban type Islamic Emirate of Pakistan. Unfortunately he was poisoned by Fatima Jinnah in cahoots with Ayub Khan as they were both working for Mossad. Zaid Hamid confided this confidential information to me and I had that cross checked with my Mossad contacts. Zaid Hamid was spot on and this information is true. Only a true Mujahid Zaid Hamid and his Jaish-e-Zaid can now save Pakistan and make it an Islamic caliphate as this is the only destiny

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