Pooka: love story of a mujahid cat- by Zaid Hamid

Dearest Children,

This is romantic history of our cat Pooka who fell in love with Jewish Zionist dog!, As usual We know there is conspiracy behind it, This is the story of our cat Pooka who has seen great crisis, trials, betrayals,lust, tribulations and still rose after calamity to reach the heights of glory just like our beloved Suckeena Biwi ! We have used every technology and knowledge to trace this Zionist dog who betrays our cats pooka and who have now produced the finest of dignified Mujahideen cats and Aulia.

Zaid Hamid's Purely Islamic Mujahid cat Pooka

Nowadays, our children are deliberately kept in ignorance about this emotional sequence of great events in history where Jewish and paleet Hindu baniya dogs were literally harassing our innocent cats. Here we have made video via spy cam to make you understand how our beloved Pooka was literally harassed by paleet Zionist dog. I am sure it will make you cry make sure you have tissue papers around you. May God give you barakah and strengthen you to see this painful video.

Keep checking this page for more conspiracies, conspiracy within conspiracy. We are adding more and more precious books and videos here you need not to see any comedy circus and laughter challenge shows this Fuckeer is enough to entertain you.

InshAllah Khair !


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  1. […] war of disinformation and propaganda, this fu*keer is lagging behind. Last week, our beloved purely Islamic cat Pooka of Persian origin has converted by the zionists. He was burgled by the zionists that we want to […]

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