Support Zaid Hamid in Ghazwa-e-Hind

Dearest soldiers,

Our deadline for sending 100000 donkeys to us is 10th of March. Please plan accordingly. In wars, donkeys are the most critical element, As Ruhaani get together with them simply leads to victory, (Reference: Sex Memoirs INDUS TO OXUS)

Do not waste your time in convincing those who still doubt our strength in making conspiracy theories. If they have not seen our video till now in which we are having Ruhaani get-together with khurrafaati Soviet donkey during our golden period of Afghan jihad, then leave them for now.

These are testing time for all Mujahid donkeys of India, America, Israel, We will show our massive strength, we will stand on our single foot and will have Ruhaani get together with those paleet Zionist donkeys under the shadows of swords, in the rain of bullets during Ghazwa e hind.

Blessed would be those chosen to take this duty to lend us donkeys for training purpose. Cursed are the ones who oppose it. Unfortunate are the ones who remain in doubt and watch this epic battle from the sidelines between me and Soviet donkey at night see how we are pushing the back of Soviet donkey.

Chose your size, we meant side!


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