Zaid Hamid and Hamid Gul vs Bharat Verma

Bharat Varma, Hamid Gul and Zaid Hamid got caught smoking pot by the police in Saudi Arabia. So they all got ten lashes each.

Gen (Retorded) Hamid Gul got called first, the Police officer says to him since it is eid today you can have one wish before the lashes. Gul asks for a pillow to be tied to his back, his wish was granted, and after ten lashes the pillow is in shreds and Gul is in bad shape… blood every where.

Next comes Zaiddu, he says .. Alahmdulla .. we are mard-e-momin and sons of many fathers,… we are born smart… give us two pillows…the police grants him a wish of two pillows tied to his back. After ten lashes the pillows are in shreds and Zaidu is in a bad shape cursing zioinsts …

Then comes Bharat Varma, before the police officer said anything Varma spoke and asked to be lashed 30 times. Police officer resisted to this saying that he will die if given 30 lashes, but Varma insisted that he must be given 30 lashes. After consultations the police officer agreed and asked Bharat Varma has he got a wish:

Varma replied yes… Tie Zaid Hamid to my back.


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