Zaid Hamid’s powerful azaan on Bal-ochistan issue

Dear Children,

Let us update you on our Ball I mean hair not Balls because we are Ball-less mujahid. Read this carefully and slowly.

Do NOT panic. InshAllah, I am not getting bald head in near future. There is a deliberate dis-information war by the likes of SAFMA to create the hype to give this perception that I”ll get Ganja in near future cause we always wear our imaginative “RED CAP”. There is no power on earth which can make us Bald head, InshAllah.

Alhamdulillah..! My head is 42 % filled with camel shit which makes us utter nonsense continuously nonstop with out any break. There are about 8 million ticks and mites in our hairs I guarantee you I counted them on my own. Out of them, nearly 5 million came in my head when Pashtuns, Brahwis, Makranis, Punjabis, Sindhi literally beaten up my head with their old broken khussa”s (Punjabi jutti) and chappalls after listening our crazy azans.

Hyberyar Marri, Brahmadagh Bugti and Attaullah Mengal are taking help from US and India to cure their hair loss using Jew made head and shoulders shampoo and paleet Brahmin made Medicare shampoo. We know there are thousands of mites and ticks which are incurable by these products. The system of using hair care shampoo in present is against our two LOTA theory. The only way to end the suffering is to behead these munafiqs using our shining sword.

Now you know the truth. Spread it far and wide and do not fall for the propaganda of the enemies. InshAllah khair.

Your Calipha,

Zaidu Chacha Panipat waley

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