Zaid Hamid blasts SAFMA and other Zionists traitors

We had told you few days ago that the final battle between who is bigger akkal ya bhains has begun and there will not be any neutrals in this stupid ideological war. From the attacking Pakistan in 4th generation war and destroying the crazy ideology of Pakistan, the enemies are active on all fronts with full force.

SAFMA (which means, Suckeena Always Fu*ked my ass) is the information and propaganda arm of Hindu Zionists which dilute and destroy pudina-e-sani’s sacred two LOTA theory which states Bhains and Mard-e-Momin can only take bath using two LOTA’s of water. SAFMA are ideological terrorists as they completely deny this theory !

Imtiaz Alam…mere balam… May God’s curse be upon you. You have sold our sacred LOTA for some zionist dollars to paleet Indians. By Allah,Since then we never had taken any bath even if we stink like dead snake. No matter how bad we stink, we will come to court room on 28 Feb for Pak sarzameen.
Allah ke khufyaa raazon me se ek raaz…Pakistan Zindabaad.



  1. Ms. Zaid Hamid · · Reply

    Dear Sir, By the grace of whichever god accepts your sorry existence. I’d like to point out that small dick is no no parameter for calling yourself a jehadi.

    1. beautiful thing you have said.

  2. […] are incurable by these products. The system of using hair care shampoo in present is against our two LOTA theory. The only way to end the suffering is to behead these munafiqs using our shining […]

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