Why did SAFMA file a case against Zaid Hamid – A detail analysis

SAFMA the Indian backed Zionist have filed a case against this Fu*keer for stealing their jew made jockey undergarments . The case has been fixed for 28 February 2012 in Sessions court Lawhore. By God, This darvesh will show this to whole world that he only wear dhaari daar kachha which we used to wear in afghan war.

Imtiaz Alam, Nusrat Javed, Khushnud Ali Khan, Hamid Mir, Najam Sethi, Hassan Nisar — we are coming after you now in the court wearing that same sacred kachha which our great grandfather steals when Mohammad bin Qasim was enjoying pleasant stay with our beloved Suckeena .

By God, we will chase you like we chase every Hindu Zionist to see either he”s circumcised or not. You are traitors to this Ummah, you have sold the honor and kachha of Pak Sarzamen and you have betrayed this Media e Sani by wearing jew made V shaped jockey underwear!

All dhaari daar kachha lovers, patriots and paid soldiers of Pakistan who stand with Pakistan against these kuffrs– be there in the court on 28th wearing same design kachha”s and also wear our symbol of chutiyapan “RED CAP” those who don”t have buy red bra and cut it from half ,share it with your friend and prove your love for Pakistan. They have started this war. We will finish it for them, InshAllah. Pakistan Zindaabaad!

Article Courtesy: Sherry Ghumman


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  1. […] re-Islamized as Super Mard. Size of his underwear will be increased and most probably replaced by kacchas. Take a look at the mard-e-dard Super-Mard: Super […]

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