Zaid Hamid posed nude in support of ISI to protest against Veena Malik

Dear Children,

All the Islamic greetings to you.

That hindu-lover shameless Veena Malik had ashamed the whole Pudina-e-Nani .. we mean Madina-e-Sani by posing nude in an Indian fashion magazine. She could have done the same in Pakistan, in a pushto magazine or a cheap Urdu magazine like BrassTack but no..she chose Indians that too with a tattoo of ISI.

Children we have to fight the kufr. This is 4th Gen war and we have to counter the enemy in the same way. If they made Veena pose nude, we did the same, that too in an American magazine. InshaAllah, we will defeat the paleet hindu baniya Indians again. Look at us, how magnificent we look. We have the Muslim glow on our face and we have put a RAW tattoo to send a message to the world that RAW is on our ass.

Enjoy the pic and follow this fu*keer and pose your nude pics as well. Together we will unfurl the Pakistani flag on Red Fort Delhi, in nude.


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