Google pays tribute to Sir Zaid Hamid

Dear Children, Elders, Brothers and their Sisters,

In past few years we have cursed a lot to Hindus, Jews, Christians, Ahmedis, Buddhists and any other non-Islamic religion. It is our sacred duty to give crazy azaans. The media is awara and doesn’t let us give our azaan. But remember, this is 4th generation war and we are cyber warrior. These radio waves are our battlefields and Alahmdullah we have 40,000+ muzahidin on Facebook ready to capture Delhi via Panipat (Panipat is very important, we have to take a pani break there during the ghazwa-e-hind).

In this 4th generation war this fu*keer is using the Zionists’ resources itself. These jews have stolen the scientific discovery of Musilam Ummah. The Facebook was first created during Jahangeer’s era. The common people used to write their request on Jahangeer’s wall. Tipu had so liberal privacy policies that anybody could poke them even the paleet hindus. And now, in this 4.5 Gen war, we will use these Zioinists fitna of youtube and Facebook and spread our conspiracy theories everywhere. We will hit them where it hurts them the most i.e. on their Facebook fanpage.

In past few years, we have told you so many romantic khurafati fantasies:

Because of our contribution to entertainment industry the Zionist Google has noticed us and has decided to honored us. Mere bachho, look clearly in the pic below:

You see, Google has awarded us with the Title Chutiya Z (read as Chutiya jee, Z in American Zionist accent). The “Z” here signifies the honorable used by all the great Muslim leaders of the past. These paleet hindus copied it when we ruled them for 1000 years. We have outclassed Zardari in C (stands for chutiyaap) category.

InshaAllah, soon you will see that you don’t even need to type Z with Chutiya. With our increasing azaans, we will soon be synonymous with Chutiya. You will type Chutiya and it will throw Zaid Hamid. Great khair is coming and I am going to Washington to see the prospect of Radio Pakistan Washington.

Your Prophet,

Zaidu Challiya aka Zaiddu Chaiwallah aka Chutiya Z


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