Mega Launch of Zaid Hamid Certified course in Conspiracy Theory

All the Islamic greetings our children,

You remember last month we launched our much awaited sexual extravaganza in Afghanistan which we priced at 2500 Pakistan Rupee. We wanted to put the price in gold asharfies but the zioinist fitnah of paper currency forced us to accept payment by credit card.

Here is another great news for all of you in our 40,000 strong Facebook army. You always wanted to follow us and become a mard-e-momin. Here is chance for you to excel in conspiracy theory. It is our guarantee that after this course you will be able to find conspiracy theory in anything. You will be able to blame Hindus and Jews for anything from not completing your homework to getting rejected by the neighbour girl. Whateles, you can even blame Hindus and Jews for conspiring behind your birth as well.

The course is named as:

How to become a successful conspiracy theorist by watching YouTube videos in 10 days.

Yes, in 10 days you will be a fully qualified conspiracy master. All you need is a computer with internet connection. You need to watch videos and visit our websites.

Order now and you will get a free course in video editing as well.

Yes, with the course you will also get a video editing course that will help you in making conspiracy theory videos and spread the propaganda. Allahmudillah, it is 4th generation war and we will fight the 5th Gen war with the conspiracy theory.

Radio Pakistan Washington is Coming soon..

Order Now by using the ribah banking system or zioinst credit cards.

Your president of caretaker goverment,

Zaiddu Chaaliya


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