Exclusive: Zaid Hamid unseen without cap photo

Our children… All the Islamic greetings to you.

We are back. The awara media is not allowing us to give our azaan but we will go everywhere and give the azaan..here ..there ..everywhere…no one can stop this fu*keer.

Children, as you know that we have many fathers for eg like Tipu, Ghazni (not the Aamir Khan one), Sallauddin Ayubi, Kasim, Yakub, Zafaruddin Chaiwalla, Mangruddin dhoodhwala etc. With the blessing of them we will show you something that will inspire you. And it will be a open warning number 1234 for Indians,Americans, Israelis and anyone who wants it.

In the pic below we are standing with a lion. It may look like a cat but it is not. It is a hindu lion that has become cat beacuse it was afraid of us. You can see..iski shakal hinduon wali hai. Now we will give azaans to it on a regular basis and turn it into a nabee and a mard-e-momin.

Your new president of the care-taker government,

Zaiddu Chhaliya



  1. Mullah ji.. do u kno everything?
    Everything as in everything?

    1. Yes…we are fu*keer.
      we know everythin… everything is written…it is everywhere ..on youtube .. on google.. in our sharp conspiring mind .. in our red cap..

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