People Still Prefer “SEX” over “Zaid Hamid” on Google

Chicago – In a recent study conducted by International scientists using Google Trends here at the University of Chicago, it was discovered that people all over the world were still interested in “sex” rather than “Zaid Hamid”.

The study was published last week. The scientists involved in the study came from United States, Brazil, Pakistan and a remote country no one knows the name of. The research compared the results of a former study conducted two years ago in which Zaid Hamid’s popularity was compared with that of “sex”.

The spokesperson of the group of scientists said that despite Zaid Hamid’s frequent attempts at coming up as a hero of the nation, people still preferred “sex” over him. Scientists said that the readings are in safe zone and that Zaid Hamid has a tough competition as he has to compete against several other benchmarks like “naked boobs”, “free stuff” and even “masturbation”.

Several other groups of scientists have immediately jumped in to action to research about this bizarre phenomenun. The question that everyone seems to have is that why isn’t Zaid Hamid’s popularity risen against “sex” on the Internet? Why is Pakistan not searching for Zaid Hamid online? What is it that makes a guy type “boobs” more frequently in Google then Zaid Hamid? Speaking to Roznama Jawani a leading scientist at the University of Karachi said, “What we have noticed is that while Zaid Hamid is readily available in real life, sex is not and that is the bitter reality. And that is one of the reasons people are not looking for Zaid Hamid on Google. But that’s just me. I am just some scientist that’s all. You don’t have to trust in my assessments. My father didn’t so why should you? Anyways, this is depressing.”

Some also have suggested that because one can have sex in several different ways, it stays unique while one can have Zaid Hamid in only one way so he becomes boring over the course of time, unlike sex.

Originally published at Roznama Jawani.



  1. The best part is

    “one can have Zaid Hamid in only one way so he becomes boring over the course of time, unlike sex.”

    LOng Live ZAIDU

    1. Zaidu will soon launch Zaid Hamid certified course in conspiracy theory

      1. i will Wait for this …………….

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