Zaid Hamid caught in Peshawar by Police on serious charges

Bawala News Agency (Peshawar)

Infamous (Self  Claimed) defense analyst Zaid Hamid was caught by Police last night while trying to cross border. Here is what our correspondent reported.

Last night a white Ford (made by kaafir and zionist Americans) was stopped for a regular checking. In the driver Zaid Hamid was sitting with his pot belly resting on the steering. As a good mujahid he was wearing seat belts. The traffic police just could not believe that someone was was wearing seat belts without ant reason in the whole KP-FATA region. So SP Traffic Peshawar, Ghulam Mohammad Mustafa, who was drinking tea in a near by hotel announced a reward of PNR 5000 to Zaidu as a goodwill gesture and to inspire others to follow the rules as well.

While giving the reward, Mr Mustafa asked Zaid Hamid (who was still in the driving seat): What will you do with this money?

Zaid Hamid: I will use this money to pay the bribe for my driving license, Alahmdullah. Earlier we did not need license to ride camels but these zionist force us to use license and other paper format Ribbah. Once we will become Calipha everyone get a tattoo on their butt instead of paper based fitna license.

Suddenly, a khatoon’s voice came: Don’t believe him officer. He always lies when drunk. He had promised to marry me several times when we are having drunk sex but then he forgets about it later on. The SP looks inside the car and found Mehar Bukhari (he recognized Mehar Bukhari from her TV shows) sitting in the back seat of the car with a suit wearing old guy.

Then the suit wearing old guy also wake up. SP Mustafa threw the tochlight on his face and found that ild guy was (retorted) ISI chief Hamid Gul.

Hamid Gul: Told ya, Zaiddade…It is not possible to escape in a stolen car.

And when SP Mustafa was pissed off, then came a voice from the trunk of the car:

“Labaiak BabaJani, have we crossed the border and entered into Afghanistan to fight with zionists?”



  1. are tumhara toh pura desh hi chutiya hai… ha ha ha ha ha
    Pakisthan Chutiya Brigate
    sahi naam rakha beta…
    lage raho
    Pakisthan Chutiyabaad
    aur ek kaam aur kar tumhari Veena malik rand ko le jao
    desh bore ho gaya hai

    1. pure desh ka to nahi pata… leking Zaid apna certified chutiya hai…

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