Transcript of Secret Conversation Between Zaid Hamid and Hamid Gul

A secret conversation, caught on the Zionist network, between fuckeer Zaid Hamid and General (Retarted) Hamid Gul:

Zaid Hamid: General Sahib, the economy is in terrible shape and nothing is working. Our regular azaan to burger-shaheens are also not working. Our weekly last and final warnings are being made fun of. What can we do now for the madina-e-sani?

Hamid Gul: Son, there is only one solution. We will start a war with America. They will bomb the country and utterly destroy it. Then they will occupy us and launch a Marshall plan and we will be rebuilt with their money. Look how rich Japan and Germany have become after losing a war to America.

Zaid Hamid: But General Sahib, what if we, the shaheens, the mard-e-momins, win?



  1. sir zaid hamid sahab i ask u one quastion?

    1. You have to agree with us.. no (logical) question… dont question… just follow .. we will capture Delhi

  2. Sir i want to meet you. plz tell me your address.

  3. acha bacha · · Reply

    Zionist network disconnected. Zaid Hamid house arrested.
    (this is what happens when one tell something bitter in Pakistan)

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